You’ve been cleaning your bathroom all wrong – and you should be HOOVERING your toilet

A CLEANING fan shared her tips for getting your bathroom sparkling – and she says you should be hoovering your loo.

Cleaning fanatic and TikTok user Jen shared her ultimate tips for cleaning three problem areas in your bathroom and left dozens stunned when she hoovered her toilet.

She said: “Up first is dust. This can be everywhere in your bathroom and it can make cleaning up so much more difficult. 

“Best thing to do is to go in with a hoover first. Yeah, that’s right, you’re going to have to hoover your toilet.”

She also offered advice on how to rid your bathroom of black mould. 

She explained: “Up next is mould. Your bathroom is a breeding ground for black mould but it’s so easy to get rid of using a good mould and mildew spray. 

“Just spray it on, leave for five minutes, and then you rinse away and all that mould is gone.” 

Finally, she explained exactly how to get your shower doors sparkling. 

She said: “Lastly are your shower doors. To get rid of the water marks and soap scum, take a spray bottle, add in a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap. 

“Spray it all over your shower door, leave it for five minutes and then wipe away.”

The clip amassed 16,600 likes and commenters were impressed with Jen’s hoover advice.

“Why did I never think to hoover? I usually  give it a run around with baby wipes for dust”, said one commenter.

Another agreed: “Wow hoovering makes so much sense.”

Others said Jen’s advice to hoover the loo was definitely spot on, as they’d been doing it themselves.

One viewer wrote: “The hoover brush is my absolute favourite attachment. I use it to ‘dust’ everything.”

Some, however, were concerned about germs being spread around the house on the hoover brush.

“The germaphobe in me is crying at the hoover on the toilet but that’s a lot more convenient”, said one.

Jen responded: “I’ve bought a cheap one from Amazon that I just use in the bathroom and I disinfect the brushes after every use, so much easier.”

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