You have 20/20 vision if you can work out where the lost soccer ticket is hiding among the shirts in under a minute | The Sun

READERS might be able to say they’ve got 20/20 vision if they can spot the hidden season ticket in this soccer-themed picture.

This brain teaser has challenged viewers to find the ticket within a minute.

But the puzzle, designed by Live Football Tickets, is not easy to solve as the item has been concealed in the background.

It’s been hidden among an array of trophies, jumbo soccer balls, whistles, medals, and jerseys that are not too dissimilar to Argentina’s famous blue and white stripes.

The puzzle’s creators have claimed that it takes around 68 seconds on average to find the season ticket.

Two in five gave up the ghost entirely as they admitted defeat, saying they couldn’t spot the season ticket.

Viewers that are struggling should cast their eyes to the center of the puzzle.

They should be able to spot the corners of the season ticket poking out from behind a soccer ball.

If that brain teaser proved too easy, why not see if you can find the wolf in just three seconds?

Readers might be able to say they have the eyes of a hawk if they can spot the cat hiding in the living room in less than 15 seconds.

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