You have 20/20 vision if you can find 5 seedless watermelons in under 30 seconds | The Sun

THERE'S nothing sweeter than watermelon in summer — and even better not to have to spit out the seeds.

In this brain teaser, an artist has drawn three bunnies in a sea of watermelons, but just five are the seedless variety.

Spotting the five seedless slices will prove just how good your vision and attention to detail really are

Artist Gergely Dudas created the teaser, which can test players' visual acuity.

Those who can pick out each of the slice's san seeds indeed have excellent eyesight.

The drawing shows hundreds of slices of juicy watermelon piled up.

Among the fruit are three bunnies — one black, one brown, and one white — thoroughly enjoying the feast.

Each is munching on a different piece of watermelon, but those aren't the ones you're tasked to find.

Five seedless pieces are scattered throughout the image, but they're not as easy to spot as one might imagine.

When the image has been posted on Twitter, it has nearly stumped some players.

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"Hardest one ever! Finding them took a minute!" wrote one.

"Looking for bare watermelons! This is all very seedy…" joked another.

"I'm tired of counting, I just wanna eat with the rabbit," wrote a third.

If you've searched and are still struggling, the answer key below highlights all five answers.

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