Yes, slogan T-shirts are back – here are our top picks for you to shop the look

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As the ongoing Y2K revival continues to prove, time is a flat circle.

The nature of the trend cycle means everything old really is new again, from emo to Von Dutch.

Now, the fashion girlies have circled back for slogan tees too.

Of course, we know that shirts with a bit of text on didn’t just vanish off the face of the earth for 20 years until Hailey Bieber picked up that ‘nepo baby’ top, but it’s been a while since this type of garment has been embraced by celebs en masse.

Kim Kardashian was spotted recently wearing a white shirt emblazoned with ‘I love nerds’ in bold, and Janelle Monáe wears a ripped grey tee with ‘pleasure’ stamped across the front in their new music video for the song Lipstick Lover.

To each their own of course, but we think a big part of why this trend works best when paired with a heavy dose of irony, a la the ‘high class white trash’ shirt Julia Fox was papped pumping petrol in earlier this week, or Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘God’s Favourite’ T-shirt last year.

Maybe it’s partly down to, as trend forecaster Agustina Panzoni predicted in one of her many fascinating TikTok videos, the rise of ‘meta cringe’.

The trick is to be self-aware with the slogan you choose, poking fun at yourself or going for something abstract and ironic.

And thankfully, the high street is awash with options to level up your off-duty look.


Want to shop the look?

De Nada Relaxed T-Shirt

Or ‘you’re welcome’ in Spanish.

‘God’s Favorite’ T-Shirt

Sorry about the American spelling, it is what it is.

No Problemo Print Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

This is the same brand that Portia wears in The White Lotus.

FCUK Cool As Fcuk Baby T-Shirt

Did you read that wrong the first time? Us too.

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