Woman sparks outrage after blasting a school friend for being ‘selfish’ because she has so many kids

A REALITY star has caused outrage after slamming a school friend for being “selfish” as she has so many kids.

Carissa Croft, who appeared on this year’s Australian The Bachelorette, blasted her pal who is expecting her fourth baby in a post that has resurfaced.

The friend had taken to Facebook to announce her happy news, and Carissa decided to give her thoughts. 

She had written: “If everyone has 4 kids it's unsustainable for the planet.

“If you want your children to grow up in a happy world where they aren't starving and dealing with natural disasters it might be… better to have 1-2 then adopt or foster the others… don't mean any offense by this, but worth researching/considering…”

Carissa, 30, who works as a psychologist in Queensland, hadn’t seen her friend for over a decade.

The expecting mum had replied: “Hi Carissa, 12 years since we last spoke and not even a hello?

“I highly doubt that having 4 children will cause the population to starve, nor will I create a natural disaster by reproducing. 

“Hense [Sic] it being called a ‘natural’ disaster.

“I'm 10 weeks out from having my 4th baby so your advice is a little late and unnecessary…'

“I will stick to making babies and you can work on your next piece of unsolicited advice you can give me in another 12 years time.”

The post was unearthed by The Wash and many people were quick to weigh in with their views.

One supported the mum, and posted clapping emojis with the caption: “That mother's response.”

However, some supported Carissa, with one writing: “People need to stop having kids. End of.”

If everyone has 4 kids it's unsustainable for the planet.

Another praised Carissa and commented: “She’s right but it’s rude AF to say it to a mother who’s about to give birth.”

A fourth wrote: “Her point [is] valid but the timing and execution of it was not right.”

Carissa left The Bachelorette last week after saying that the pressures of the reality TV show were getting to her and she couldn’t “fall in love this way.”

She walked away from the show’s first-ever bisexual and Indigenous star Brooke Blurton.

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