Woman shows why you should NEVER wash your hair down the plughole when washing it

WASHING your hair when you have long locks can be a bit of a mission, but a woman has revealed why you should NEVER flush it down the plughole.

TikTok user Zobia Iqbal showed herself fishing out long strands that had clogged up her pipes.

On her @zoenaz14 account, she said: “You see there’s tons of hair stuck in there because all I do is put my hair down the drain.”

She laughed as she exclaimed: “Ewww!”

The video has racked up over 16million views, and people said they nearly gagged at the stomach-churning clip.

One person even went as far to say she had a whole “wig” down her bathroom sink.

Another said: “Rapunzel let down your hair… in the drain.”

And a third joked: “Girl you got the Grudge and the girl from the Ring coming out of that drain.”

Meanwhile, one person thought it was a mouse at first.

Thankfully after she had pulled the huge clunk of hair from her pipes, she showed her sink draining correctly.

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