Woman shows of monster haul of Uggs, electric blankets & beauty products so big it fills up her car… & it was all free | The Sun

ONE woman has found designer goods and electrics in a bin near her local Bed Bath and Beyond whilst dumpster diving.

Salty Stella loves going through bins near big stores to see what she can find.

In a recent video Stella shared a massive haul from a dumpster dive worth hundreds which left her car bursting at the seams. 

She said: “Guys, it's been over a year. I'm back at Bed Bath and Beyond."

Stella was amazed at some of the intact goods she found explaining the bins near the store were full and she had already started filling up her car.

She said: "These dumpsters are full. My car already has a bunch of stuff in it. None of these containers are broken. "

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Stella listed some of the items she found including hair dryers, eclectic blankets, comforters and soap dispensers.

“I got some hair dryers, a bunch of electric blankets. Look at all this. Look at this spice rack, These comforters, soap dispenser. Let me get everything out.”

Stella continued filling up her car and even needed to use her front seat for more space. 

She said: “All right? guys, look, all this makeup right here, this box of silverware. But you have no idea. Look at my car, front seat, back seat, all the way in the back. Guys, there is so much stuff.”

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Stella was amazed to find an Ugg pillow in the bin that was worth over £250. 

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“Oh, my god. I don't know what this is, but it was (£274). This is an Ugg pillow. Guys, this is literally unreal.”

Stella explained she come to the same place a year before and bagged some amazing finds. 

“This is exactly what happened last year here. There's still tons of merchandise. Both dumpsters were full of brand new, completely fine merchandise. This isn't broken or recalled stuff.”

Stella said her car was bursting once she had rummaged through all her bins. 

“Look at my car. I can hardly shift it.”

Stella explained she would be selling and donating the times she decided she didn't want to keep. 

“You know the drill, what can be donated will. Some of stuffs gonna be on What Not. But I will do a full haul video once I am home.”

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