Woman shares incredibly relatable list of annoying things mums do every Christmas…and black bag is the worst | The Sun

THERE’S no feeling like waking up on Christmas morning, knowing you’ve got a day of eating, drinking and hanging out with your family. 

And it’s safe to say, most of that wouldn’t have happened without our mums running the show. 

But there are a few annoying habits they seem to gain every Christmas day, which content creator Steph took to TikTok to reveal – and it seems most of us can relate. 

Steph, known online as @stephmcateer, regularly shares entertaining videos with her 877,000 followers. 

In a recent video, she shared three things her mum does every year that drive her mad – including making her wait for her to make a cup of tea before opening presents. 

She said: “Things that every mum does on Christmas that grind my gear sticks. 


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“The infamous Christmas cup of tea. 

“You know after you’ve finally got your parents up and they insist on making a cup of tea before you open your presents. 

“This is the longest I’ve ever seen a tea be made. 

“And then they have the cheek to ask your dad, ‘do you want any sugar?’

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“Like they haven’t been married 10 years and don’t know how each other take their teas.

“The black bag. As soon as you rip that wrapping paper, ‘pass it here, love, don’t want it going on the floor. Santa’s got to do recycling.’ 

“Leave me alone, just let me open the present. 

“Now if you have siblings, your mum will constantly tell you every five minutes, “oh they’ve got more than you because your presents are more expensive.’ 

“What presents? I haven’t even opened anything yet because you’ve made your cup of tea.” 

Fans loved Steph’s honesty, with the video gaining more than 58,000 likes and 320,000 views. 

In the comments, the content creator’s had similar complaints, with one writing: “Or they have to pick the best Christmas song which takes them 30 minutes.”

Another said: “It’s always the ‘right, nobody move until I’ve had my brew.” 

A third added: “When they stop everyone at the top of the stairs to take pictures of the presents.”

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