Woman shares her last minute outfit panic before her sister’s bridal shower – but everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

SHE thought she'd nabbed the perfect outfit for her sister's bridal shower.

But Remi was left fuming when her cut-out dress broke just minutes before she was due to leave, meaning she ended up wearing a two-piece ensemble to the event.

"This is when I truly feel like there's a God out to get me or something," she began.

"It's my sister's bridal shower right now, right now. Can't go, my dress broke.

"Literally the whole thing snapped, and now this part's about tocome off so I'm about to be completely naked.

"I don't know what to do, I can't go. This is my dress. Do I cut this? Shall I just cut this right now and have it be separate?"

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Remi then decided to take to the dress with her scissors.

After cutting it, she sighed: "It's just so inappropriate for a bridal shower."

She then went outside to show a man, presumably a relative, her outfit.

And despite him saying "it looks great", she insisted once again: "It's inappropriate for a bridal shower – my skin's out.

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"You don't think this is inappropriate for the family?"

"I don't think so, and you know me – I would tell you."

Going back inside, Remi looked close to tears as she said: "I'm going dressed like a s**t to my sister's bridal shower.

"If she wants to make me leave, she can make me leave."

She added some flower earrings and heels which she mused made it look "a little less s**ty", before concluding, "Ok bye!"

"God help me," she wrote in the video caption.

However, among the people commenting on the video, the majority had the same thought – that the dress was inappropriate to begin with.

"I love you so much but it was inappropriate from the beginning haha," one wrote.

"I’m old… cause I thought it was inappropriate before it broke," another added.

"It looked like a bathing suit cover up from the beginning," a third commented.

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"Is this meant as a joke? is she serious?" someone else wrote.

"LMFAO… not me thinking it didn’t look any less revealing than the start," another added.

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