Woman shares easy way to snap up any outfit you see online for the very best price

WE can't be the only ones who spot someone, including celebs, online wearing a super dreamy outfit which leaves us desperate to get our hands on something similar.

But without any mention of a brand name or which store the clothing item was bought from, how would you ever find it yourself?

Well, according to one woman, there's a way and it's really super simple.

The best part is that you can score the item for the best price possible too – and the hack works on anything, not just clothes.

TikTok user @kmoney said "this is going to change your life" before demonstrating the little-known hack online.

"If you've ever seen a cute outfit and you wanna know where it's from, honestly, if you've ever seen anything and wanted to know where you can get it and for the best price, I'm going to show you an example, " she said.

The TikTok user showed her phone screen which featured the Google search home page.

In the Google search bar, she pointed to a small camera icon which, once you click it, will open up your phone's camera.

The woman demonstrated doing it with a top of hers, which she said her friend loved.

The idea is to take a photo of the item you're after, or upload one you have already, which will then search Google's never-ending database for all of the best possible matches.

The feature is called Google Lens, an image recognition technology designed to bring up relevant information related to objects it identifies in the image.

It can be accessed through the Google App on your phone, rather than through the browser on your phone or laptop, and keen shoppers are thankful for the tip.

"Great, now I'm going to be super broke," one person quipped. "It's bad enough with swipe ups from bloggers."

"My wallet is going to hate me after this," another joked.

While many others simply said "thanks" for sharing.

One person said it was a good tip to track down an outfit you've seen someone wear on TV or in a movie, while others said the Google Lens feature also works to identify faces.

Other people suggested using the Google Pictures app which they say works the same way, and it's blowing people's minds.

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