Woman reveals what REALLY happens right after you abandon your dog and it's heartbreaking

ARE you a dog lover?

Well, brace yourself, because a woman has explained what really happens when you abandon your dog, and it’s left us heartbroken.

If you’ve ever had to rehome a dog, you’ll know that it’s devastating, but often it's the kindest thing to do.

In some cases, owners might have been forced to make such a heart-breaking decision because they do not have the time, money or energy to own their pooch.

When rehoming a dog, responsible owners should take them to a reputable rehoming centre – such as the RSPCA or Dogs Trust.

Such centres are dedicated to securing happy homes for dogs that need rehoming.

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But, sadly, not all abandoned dogs get this opportunity.

Many owners simply ditch their dogs on roadsides, with little regard for their safety.

Taking to Reddit, a woman explained what really happens when people leave their dogs in "remote locations", rather than taking them to rehoming centres.

She explained: "I will start by explaining what is probably going on in thousands of people's heads, drive out to a nice place far away with little traffic and plenty of nice, big farms.

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"Little Rex will show up at some farmer's door, and a sweet housewife will take him in, surely there is plenty of room on a huge farm for one little dog.

"Stop. I will tell you what really happens. I live in the country, just far enough out that it is the perfect place to dump dogs. “I have seen literally more dogs than I can remember wandering the roads.

"This is not theoretical, this is what actually happens to these dogs. They die horrible deaths.”

The woman explained that even if someone manages to catch these terrified dogs, many of the animals could end up being shot.

She continued: “Even if someone manages to catch the terrified pups, the majority of breeds are not suited to life around livestock, and when that dog starts killing their animals, it will be shot."

"The majority of them starve to death, die of exposure or get hit by cars. 


“Everyone in my area knows each other, we know whose dogs are whose, and we watch dog after dog go through this horrible cycle."

The woman shared a devastating story in the hope that it would hit home with people that abandon their dogs.

She explained that she previously watched a dog owner push his chow chow out the car before taking off at speed.

The woman added: "The dog runs after the car crying, its little feet going as fast as they can. 

“I call to it over and over to no avail. It runs until it disappears over the horizon miles away. 

“It is found dead on the road a week later by my mother.

"The stories I have go on and on. I tell them in their utmost gory detail because people need to understand the barbarity of leaving a domesticated animal to fend for itself in a wild place. 

“Few of them make it and they almost always die awful deaths.

"Please, please if you feel you cannot care for your dog any longer, do the humane and right thing. 

“Don't be a coward and throw your dog to the proverbial wolves."

While many were left in shock at the woman’s story, others thanked the woman for her brutal honesty.

Other Reddit users took to the comments to share their own experiences of discovering stray dogs.

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One person said: "On the way to work one morning I found two wormy, flea infested black puppies.” 

Another user added: "The best dog I ever had found me in the street, five-years-old and completely trained. I heard from people in the area that he was wandering around for over two weeks."

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