Woman reveals the controversial reason she’s not spoken to her dad since his wedding – & it’s left people REALLY divided | The Sun

A WOMAN has expressed outrage after her father said she couldn't attend his wedding because of child policy. 

The young adult who has recently turned 18 said she couldn't believe her dad and soon to be stepmum didn't want her at the wedding. 

Taking to Reddit the anonymous user said she already had her outfit planned before her father dropped the bomb that she wasn’t invited. 

The woman says before the incident she was pretty close to her dad: “I (female 18) was always pretty close to my dad. Closer to my mom but I often visited my dad (about three-four times a week).”

Her father started dating and proposed to Anna her new stepmum and the woman said she was really happy for him. Not long before the wedding her dad and step-mum pulled her aside to let her know she could not attend the wedding. 

She said: “A few weeks before the wedding after I had bought everything (dress, shoes, etc) my dad and Anna said they needed to ‘talk to me’. Anna and my dad decided to have a child-free wedding which I get especially for young kids.”

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“Well turns out child-free means no one under 18. On the day of the wedding, I was still going to be 17 so, therefore, I’m not allowed to be at the wedding because Anna wants to stay true to the child-free rule even for the daughter of the groom and her about-to-be stepdaughter.”

The woman revealed she would be turning 18 just two days after the wedding and couldn’t believe the policy would still apply to the daughter of the groom.

She said: “The funny thing is my 18th birthday was just two days after the wedding. But still, I wasn’t allowed to go. The wedding was just last weekend (the 12th) and my birthday was yesterday (the 14th).”

The woman revealed she hadn’t spoken to her dad or step mum since and decided to get revenge. 

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She said: “I haven’t talked to Anna or my dad since they told me I couldn’t attend the wedding since I wasn’t an adult."

“My mum ended up taking me on a birthday vacation and yesterday I posted birthday pictures on Facebook and said finally as an adult I’m so glad my dad and Anna didn’t allow me at their wedding since I was under 18, I feel more mature since yesterday.”


The woman said the rest of her family were stunned to hear she had been told not to attend the wedding. 

“The family was freaking out asking if that was true and bashing my dad and Anna.”

Then the woman revealed her step mum and dad were not impressed with her behaviour. 

She said: “I later got a bunch of texts from my dad and Anna calling me immature and a selfish brat and that’s why I was too immature to be at a wedding. I was talking to some friends and they said I was kind of an a**hole for doing that and I should have just let it go.”

The post racked up over 16,000 comments and 2,700 comments in just a few days. People were shocked by the woman's story speculating that her step mum had been plotting to ban her from the wedding from the start.

One user said: “What kind of man doesn't have his own child at his wedding? Anyway, they made the choice, if they believe it was the right choice they should have no issue about it being publicly known.”

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"Plus, people might well assume you weren't there because you disapproved of his new wife or chose a vacation instead. Ensuring people know WHY you weren't there saves your own reputation.”

Another said: “The ‘no children’ was made for you. I’m sorry but let that sink in. She made that rule to keep you out. You now know where you stand in their marriage…you don’t. I’m so sorry. I personally think it was EPIC. Harsh but epic. They deserved more than that. I would even update it with pictures of their texts.”

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