Woman mortified after her boyfriend films her sleeping and shows her EXACTLY what she looks like

THERE'S nothing worse than snoring – or farting – in your sleep, except when someone catches you on camera.

Which is why one mortified woman has vowed to never sleep again after her boyfriend filmed her napping – and revealed what she really looks like. 

She was horrified after he videoed her lying spread-eagled on the bed without a duvet, with her head awkwardly propped up on a pillow. 

Clearly deep in sleep, she’s snoring with her mouth wide open – which she found cringeworthy when he showed it to her.  

She shared the clip to TikTok, saying: “My boyfriend took a video of me sleeping and now I will never be sleeping ever again.”

The clip racked up millions of views – and it was later shared on Instagram – as people found the gaffe hilarious. 

One person commented: “I’m gonna be thinking about this all night.”

Another admitted: “I sleep just like that lol.”

A third thought: “Imagine having someone who loves you That much.”

Someone else suggested: “If you fall asleep like that- don't ever get up.”

This person reckoned: “This is the best sleep. Hell.”

While somebody else admitted: "My bf always tells me that i talk in my sleep and it’s lowkey embarrassing.”

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