Woman makes VERY detailed pros and cons list about her date… there’s one bit in particular which has people in hysterics

WE'VE all been there, unsure whether you want to continue dating someone so making a list of their pros and cons.

But one woman has had the internet in hysterics with the list she made for the man she is dating.

And there's one detail in particular that has the internet in hysterics.

The woman's friend, Isobella, posted the list on Twitter, where it has gone viral with almost 40k likes.

She said: "Absolutely begging everyone to read this pros an cons list my mate has come up with for a lad she’s speaking to cos I’m losing my mind over it I’m in tears"

While her date has some great qualities, such as being 'hench', passionate about work and has a fit accent, there were some more undesirable traits.


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Those included; not drinking, having a strict gym schedule and diet and a tongue piercing.

Shockingly, the worst of the traits wasn't the one that popped into her brain first and came on at number five on the list.

She casually wrote 'arrested for kidnap'.

Twitter users were stunned by the revelation and found it hilarious she wasn't more concerned about this 'con'.

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One wrote: "Arrested for kidnap only the 5th con that came to her."

"Just casual kidnap and that appaz!"Another joked.

A third claimed: "Arrested for kidnap…..deffo a keeper!!"

But the list didn't end there, she also noted he 'lived in squalor' and had fallen in love with her way too quickly.

Users were stunned she was still deliberating whether to date him after he had been ARRESTED for kidnapping.

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"I cant believe the list carried on after 'arrested for kidnap' that would have been the final straw for the like." Said one.

Another said: "I can’t give feedback till I see what’s blocked out."

To which another person replied: "I mean if the arrested for kidnap bit isn’t blacked out god knows what has been redacted."

Isobella wrote: "No the newest additions are even funnier but I would literally get taken in for questioning if anyone saw them HAHA.

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"Each individual thing off the con list outweighs any of the pro."

We hope that Isobella is able to sit down with her friend and state why she should definitely not see him again.

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