Woman left mortified as Etsy reviewer points out very rude design flaw in her hanging wall feature

A WOMAN has revealed the mortifying moment an Etsy seller pointed out the very rude design flaw in her hanging wall feature.

Posting on TikTok as Bohemian Forest Designs, small business owner Charlotte shared what happened when she created a cute Mama Bear design for Mother's Day.

"Thinking about when I got the most embarrassing review on my Etsy shop," she captioned the clip. "At least she still gave me 5 stars".

The review of the £10 gift reads: "Loved my Mother's Day present.

"But my daughter was very upset about what we are now affectionately calling 'butt hole bear'. It makes me laugh, but it made her cry.

"Maybe consider tweaking the design so the central knot becomes a nose instead of… well, you know what! X".

Charlotte then showed a close-up of the wooden cutting, which has an unfortunate hole right in the centre of Moma Bear's bottom.

She added: "I tweaked the design!" followed by the crying with laughter emoji.

The awkward mistake had people in hysterics.

Commenting on the video, one viewer said: "OMG! I love that LOL! I would have gladly kept it and I'm glad the customer was in good spirits."

While a second wrote: "This is hilarious. Awesome work btw. Refreshing to see something different on here."

And a third giggled: "Oops, that's awesome. That's a family joke they'll be laughing at for a lifetime (once the girl gets over it) which is an awesome gift."

You can see more of Charlotte's work at www.bohemianforestdesigns.com

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