Woman in hysterics after dream £17 PrettyLittleThing jumper arrives… but the sleeves are long enough for Mr Tickle

WE have enough online shopping experience to know that the jumper which looks amazing on the model probably won't be quite as dreamy in real life.

And although we try and keen an open mind when our deliveries arrive, this PrettyLittleThing fail is making us want to swear off online orders forever.

Posting on her TikTok account, fashion fan Neha explained how she was drawn to the turtleneck jumper last month because of its cosy sleeves.

But while they looked snug and oversized on the website, the bargain jumper's arms went down below her KNEES when it arrived.

And let's just say, only Mr Tickle has arms long enough to fit these bonkers sleeves.

"Cute jumper," she said. "But why are the arms all the way down [my legs]?

"I bought this in my normal size… it's like a poncho with arms which I didn't know.

"I thought it was going to be a knitwear jumper [that I could] wear with jeans. You know, cute."

In two hilarious videos – which have been viewed over 90,000 times – Neha tells her followers to go at least three sizes down if they're considering buying the jumper.

One replied: "LOOOOL I was going to order this, thank god I didn't."

Another added: "PLT gives me anxiety – I can never trust their photos or sizes."

Meanwhile, others pointed out that the bottom of the sleeves are designed to be folded over on themselves.

"OMG crying," a third said. "That jumper needs an instruction manual."

"I got the black version and it looks like I'm wearing a blanket," a fourth said.

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