Woman gets her 'disgusting' carpet looking brand new WITHOUT a vacuum & the easy hack is a bargain too

THERE'S nothing quite like fresh, clean carpet, but the work it takes to get there can be tough (hey, vacuuming, we're looking at you).

What's more, hoovering alone rarely rids your flooring of trapped dirt and hair entirely, which can be pretty frustrating.

But one woman managed to get her carpet looking "brand new", without having to whizz around her home with a hoover.

Instead, the savvy woman used a budget squeegee to scrape up all the hair and dust lurking in the carpet fibres, before easily picking it up.

Needless to say, the results were incredible, with the woman admitting she was "disgusted" by what she saw.

"Disgusted with the outcome!" she wrote on Facebook. "Seen this squeegee hack around a lot now, decided to try it on my carpet which has only been laid since July 2020."

And added: "Well worth a go, my carpet looks brand new and I’ve had a good arm workout."

Others were seriously impressed by the hack, particularly because a squeegee can cost as little as 80p from Asda.

"I've used this trick. Great for bedrooms floors with all the hair," one person said

And another confessed: "The second I saw this I ran upstairs to grab mine and got this in seconds. I hate that I'm now going to have to do my entire house tomorrow on my day off now."

meanwhile, a third wrote: :I do this weekly on my carpet, it’s a crazy good cleaning tip!"

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