What you see first reveals in seconds if you're stubborn and aggressive with buckets of confidence or shy | The Sun

WHAT you see first in this optical illusion could determine if you're confident or shy, according to one expert.

Psychology whizz Charles Merit shared the image on social media, where viewers were presented with a smattering of primary colours and shapes.

The heady image may appear to be one of two things – and the expert argues this could influence whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

"What do you see first?", Meriot asks the viewer, giving the viewer time to wait for the first image to pop into their head.

For those whose eyes were drawn to a rooster, the influencer reveals this may indicate a more reserved personality.

He said: “If you saw the rooster first, it means you’re quite shy.

“You only like attention when you’re in the right mood.”

However, those who clocked a woman's face with red lipstick are more confident in their approach – but it's not all good news.

Meriot continued: “If you saw the mouth first, it means you’re confident, strong, and independent.

“You can be a little bit stubborn and aggressive when things don’t go the exact way you want them to.”

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Those who participated took to the comments to share their results, with some claiming they couldn't even see one of the options offered.

"What rooster?", wondered one.

Another agreed: "I still can't see the rooster".

Other users failed to detect either.

A third user revealed: "I only saw a mouth!"

Another agreed: "Hahaha a mouth was all I saw!"

It comes after one TikToker shared a test that will show if you have perfect vision – and no trip to the eye doctor is needed.

Instead of staring at a line of letters, a garden of greenery holds the key to whether its viewers need glasses – or get a glowing 20/20 report.

Elsewhere, a psychology expert took to her social media account to challenge viewers into spotting one of two different images. 

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