What you see first in optical illusion reveals if you’re an explorer or block out your feelings

THERE are two disparate images in an optical illusion that's sparked online debate – so what do you see?

Viewers are conflicted over the interpretations of the image, which can reportedly determine if you're curious and brave, or if you have a tendency to ignore your own emotions.

YouTube channel Bright Side shared the confounding image that elicited hundreds of comments online.

If you look at the image above and the first thing you see is a lock or keyhole, then you probably have a curious mind.

"You love to explore the unknown and step beyond your own boundaries," the video's narrator explained.

But contained within the picture is another image – that of a person crying.


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You may need to spend some time meditating if that's the image you see first.

"Take some time to relax and clear your mind," the video's narrator coached.

"You probably don't pay enough attention to your feelings."

Commenters debated the accuracy of the interpretations and compared their own reactions to the illusion.

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"I love to explore the unknown and step beyond my boundaries," said one person who felt the description fit her exactly.

"The supposed descriptions of my personality are so far off from actual reality," said a different, dissatisfied commenter.

"According to this," another person wrote, "I'm very careful…the complete opposite of me."

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A few commenters laughed at their own inability to see the intended images, with one poking fun at their initial response: "iS tHaT a dUcK?"

"I saw a penguin," another agreed.

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