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WHAT four numbers you see first in this optical illusion could reveal whether or not you are short-sighted.

The visual puzzle has four hidden numbers hidden in its back and white image.

It's a stellar why to test your eyesight and whether you need to visit an ophthalmologist or not.

And that's because what numbers you see in the image could determine if you're far-sighted or short-sighted.

If you saw the number 3246, that means you're most likely to be short-sighted and may have astigmatism.

Astigmatism is when your eye is shaped more like a rugby ball than a football, which causes light to focus in more than one place.


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This leads to blurred vision, headaches, and eyestrain, according to the NHS website.

If you saw 3240, you have astigmatism but aren't short-sighted.

And if you could see 1246 then you only have short-sightedness but no astigmatism.

Meanwhile, another optical illusion claims to be able to help determine how good your eyesight is.

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The image has the words "far" and "close" scribbled on a white piece of paper on a green background.

According to HecticNick on TikTok, most people see the word 'close' appear on the image.

But depending on how good your eye sight is, you may see the word 'far' first.

In a recent video, the trickster asked his 3.9 million followers: "What word do you see in this image?

"Most people see the word 'close' but depending on how your vision is, you may see the word 'far' first!

"Can you see both of them?

"Here's a hint if you can only see 'close'. Try closing your eyes about 90 percent and you'll see 'far'."

The video has since racked up over 239,000 views and almost 32,000 likes.

In the comments section, many viewers reported back to say they saw both words.

Meanwhile some weren't convinced the optical illusion was very difficult.

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One user said: "I see both so I dont [sic] get it".

While another said: "I see you're bored".

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