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NEARLY half of Brits are stepping their sex lives up a gear by bonking in their cars.

A recent survey saw 43 per cent of people across the UK own up to enjoying a bunk up in their motor.

The poll also revealed that Volvo owners have a high sex drive, with 57 per cent of owners taking full advantage of the roomy interior to rev things up with their partner.

Now, three couples who can't resist a romp in the backseat have told The Sun why it's the perfect way to get their motors going – even if the gearstick always proves a problem.

Mum-of-two Charlotte Rachel and her partner Tony Cope, both 30, are the proud owners of a Volvo V-40 and claim the Swedish-made car has given them the ride of their life.

The couple from Norwick, Norfolk, who have been dating since 2019 and share a two-year-old and five-month-old, admit finding time for adult fun is hard, but their trusty Volvo provides the perfect naughty escape.


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Charlotte says: “When you’re parents of two young kids, you grab what time and space you have.

“We have always had an active sex life – we were back making love nine days after each of the children were born – so a bit of fun in the car in the garage, or on the the way home, spices things up.

“We like to be adventurous in and out of the bedroom, so having a roomy Volvo is perfect.

“The seats go back and there is extra space in the foot wells and the roof area. The roomy interior means you don’t get poked by seatbelt clips or bang into gear sticks.”

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“I’d always assumed Volvos were boring cars, but now I’m a definite convert.”

Tony, an online marketing exec, adds: “When many people think of Volvos they think of boring middle class couples who only make love once a month.

“But we know that’s not the case. The Volvo is the king of cars when it comes to adult fun.”

The survey by insurance firm Tempcover revealed 45 per cent of Ford owners and VW owners admitted steaming up the windows during in-car romps.

Warehouse administrator Emilia Harris, 25, and her fiance Frank Thompson, 24, drive a VW Polo and claim their cosy car is perfect for intimate romps.

The couple, from Oldham, Manchester, bought it just over a year ago and couldn’t wait to take it for an adult test drive.

Emilia says: “We make love at least seven times a week. We love being adventurous and sex in the car is part of that.

“We’ve been together for three years and spur of the moment sex keeps things hot between us, and our little Polo has been the centre of lots of fun.

“It’s small, but once you get the hang of it really revs our motors – outside, inside or on the car.”

Frank, a construction manager, adds: “If we feel the need for a quickie on the way to the shops or a ‘session’ on a longer day out, we enjoy it.

“We’re both very flexible – that’s the key to making adult time work in a VW Polo. Either one of us can be on top, and the seats go back so that gives you extra space.

“My only tip is to ensure the seatbelts are properly stored and the gear stick isn't in the way, otherwise bumps and bruises can happen.

“There is nothing wrong with being naughty in the car. Cover-up with a blanket though – that's just good manners.”

Security guard Antonio Murolo, 40, and his wife Ejiro Murolo, 36, claim their second-hand grey Ford Fiesta gets their motors running. 

They “christened” the motor – which they bought for £2,000 in September 2020 – within three weeks on a drive out, and now enjoy “Fiesta fun” once a month.

Antonio, a security guard from Southend-on-Sea, says: “The pandemic meant we were spending way too much time inside, so a drive and some adult fun was a great night out option.

“It gave us freedom many car-less couples didn't have. Restaurants and pubs weren’t open and we got to see the sites and enjoy a bonk while maintaining our Covid bubble.

“We like to find a nice park or woodland area to pull over and have some fun. We also have a car sex bucket list for locations we’d like to visit.”

At 6ft tall, Antonio admits manoeuvring himself inside the hatchback can be tricky, but they have found positions that work.

He adds: “I’m a big guy – but not in the trouser department. My little Fiesta is small too, but we prove being slight doesn't mean we don't have might!

“I have ended up with bruises and bumps from the steering wheel and the gear stick but I don't mind. It’s all worth it.”

Ejiro, a chef, adds: “In our hatchback, long sessions are not possible, so we do it when we are in the mood for quickie.

“If the mood takes us we park up, snuggle under a picnic blanket and make love – Antonio is normally on top.

“I hadn't made love in a car until lockdown, and it was an eye-opener.

“Always check you are in an isolated area and have a blanket to cover up!”

While there is no specific UK law against having sex inside a vehicle, drivers could break rules for doing so. 

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Drivers could be fined up to £5,000 and handed nine penalty points for careless driving if they’re caught performing a sex act, as it would be considered a distraction that puts other road users at risk.

They could also be prosecuted for public indecency or exposure if they’re caught bonking in a popular public place.

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