We're a family of 12 living in a 30ft trailer & everyone always asks how we sleep – three of our kids snooze on a table | The Sun

THEY'RE a family of 12 living in a 30ft trailer.

And one of the main questions they always get asked is where everybody sleeps.

"How our family of 12 sleeps in a 30 ft trailer!" Amber de la Motte wrote in a caption for her Instagram Reel.

"Some friends have asked me how our family fits in our trailer.

"Things are always changing a bit but, but this is how we do it for now."

The video began showing three of their daughters sleeping together, with Amber explaining: "This is where the little girls sleep, it used to be a table but it converts into a bed."

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The couch was taken by son Noah, while his brother Enoch had to lay on the floor.

Elijah got a top bunk to himself, while Pearl and Naomi shared the bottom bunk.

Josiah also has a sleeping spot on the floor, while baby Moses is in a cot next to Amber and her husband in their double bed.

People had mixed responses to the video in the comments section, with many questioning why Enoch and Josiah were on the floor rather than being given a mattress to lay on.

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"Get the boys on the floor a cushion mat at least," one wrote.

"Look at the big ass comfortable bed that the adults have and the kids get to sleep on the floor and in between walls????" another questioned.

"The floor? Do better!" a third commented.

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While someone else wrote: "No hate, no shade . A hard ass no.

"These kids need SPACE too big to be sharing a bed. And then the floor?"

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