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OUR wonderful astrologer died this month after a short illness.

Ever the professional, she had provided several horoscopes early to meet our production needs and we will continue to publish them.


MAR 21 – APR 20

You may feel you’ve just got started sorting out your contacts lists, at work and at home – but Pluto’s new backward path can stir this process up. 

And spur you on to make new, perhaps unlikely, connections that can rewrite your future. 

So if you get a “feeling” about a name, a face or a number this week, follow it. 


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Love is talking-rich as two people reveal so much more.


APR 21 – MAY 21

Your week builds towards a lunar eclipse in your marriage zone, and this includes a high chance of dates being changed, perhaps brought forward because of other big changes in close-knit lives.

Whatever may happen, do believe that a bond is genuine and true – and that love can come through this week stronger. 

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If you’re single, a casual comment as you are paying a bill can change your life.


MAY 22 – JUNE 21

So many study options line up for you – as Pluto is pushing back, until mid-June, your best way forward is to sample as many of these as you can. 

And talk to people who have already taken steps you’d like to try. 

If you’re in love, a full moon of mischief can bring temptation, perhaps at work – but this just proves how secure your bond is. 

Single? Look for a Royal tattoo.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

Get ready for a week of surprising other people and amazing yourself – as you have the planet power to be whoever you want to be. 

And find the world not just ready, but desperate, to follow where you lead.  

A mega-creative moon lights up your zone of music and poetry and how you express yourself, especially in love terms, is truly unique.  

“M” friends and family have so much to share.


JULY 23 – AUG 23

You can use the insight of the moon this week to work out who is really on Team Leo, who doesn’t deserve selection. 

And this time, you can follow through. 

As Pluto pushes back, it may be tough to pin a partner down, and get the kind of commitment you want. But something better can be in the pipeline. 

If you’re single, Venus chooses a charming Gemini for you.


AUG 24 – SEPT 22

If you’ve been putting off a career restructure, Pluto has other ideas. 

By the end of the week you could be writing an application, for a world that has always intrigued you. 

This is a planet phase of brakes coming off, and in love terms, the full moon makes you honest, and able to see into a shared future.

This can include a special picture posed with a tall Leo.


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

Those big ideas you have been having lately – that are so challenging, but also so exciting – are ready to come into play this week. 

You should feel the surge of planet synergy, and a sense that you can achieve what you set your heart on, as long as you also do your homework. 

Your passion self is a dream come true, with an ability to draw anyone into your emotional orbit.


OCT 24 – NOV 22

You are always so enigmatic, but this week a personal full moon pushes your mystery levels even higher. 

And everyone will be noticing just how your presence can fill a room, or one look can win a heart. 

So if there’s any attention you’ve been hoping to win, this can be your week. 

Family times together may not be exactly peaceful, but they are finding the right next direction to take.


NOV 23 – DEC 21

Take care with words this week as you could say more than you mean to – keep notes close when you make any speech, even to just one person. 

Your chart’s risk-taking instinct makes you even more ready than usual to rip up the rules and start again.

In love, this can lead you to a choice between two famous names. 

If you’re in love, listen to Venus and make a new commitment offer.


DEC 22 – JAN 20

You’re usually pretty good with money but the backward track of Pluto includes a reckless element, so if you really need to stick to a budget this week, enlist someone you trust to help.

But do listen when a “B” tune keeps looping through your mind, this can be your luck instinct sending you a signal. 

Mercury counts anti-clockwise from five, to land on a new address that can be your destiny home.


JAN 21 – FEB 18

If you’ve been getting to grips with your new planet sign-mate, Pluto – now the retrograde phase begins, you might need to start again from scratch. 

But this is such a positive time of proving who you are, what you can do – and seeing for yourself your zodiac strength.  

A travel goal is closer than it’s been for months. 

Passion is light and loving – with an overlay of mutual fantasy.


FEB 19 – MAR 20

If too many people ask you to keep too many secrets, you can say no this week. 

Yes, even if they are very close, in terms of where you live, or how you work. 

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