We transformed our dull kitchen into a chic new space using bargains from Amazon – and saved £6k in the process

THIS young couple saved a BOMB on the kitchen makeover of their dreams.

Georgia Davies, 22 and Regan Sadd, 25 from Bridgend, South Wales saved £5700 on their mega refurbishment.

Georgia, a Law student & Regan, a gas engineer spent only £1300 on their brand new kitchen.

They saved 81% by using deals at Amazon, B&Q, and Wickes, after they were quoted £7000 to fix up the kitchen alone.

Speaking to Lovethesales.com, the pair shared how they pulled it off, saying: “I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the quote.

"The kitchen needed a facelift and a lot of TLC and there was no chance we were going to fork out £7000 for the kitchen alone without any of the tiling, lighting, painting, etc.”


Regan said: “We looked around a bit and decided to upcycle all the kitchen units using Frenchic Alfresco Blackjack paint. We got a 750ml tub for £19.90 on Amazon and decided to give it a go.

"Initially, we were going to paint over the wrapping on the doors but we decided to peel it off down to the fresh MDF and the finished product was amazing.”

What they bought

  • Frenchic Alfresco Blackjack Paint 750ml: £19.90 (Amazon)
  • Door handles pack of 30: £25 (Amazon) 
  • Spotlights pack of ten: £50 (B&Q) 
  • Colour worktop: £76 (B&Q) 
  • Breakfast bar: £364 (B&Q) 
  • Edging & Glue: £33 (B&Q)
  • Carpenter cost: £300
  • Sink & Tap: £80 (Screwfix) 
  • Tiles: £300 (Wickes) £9 a box 

Georgia continued: “It seemed a huge waste to throw away all the units and cupboard doors when there was absolutely nothing wrong with them other than the fact that they were outdated and not to our colour taste.” 

“We shopped around for door handles and found a pack of 30 on Amazon for £25 which covered the entire kitchen.

"Because we decided on black doors, we thought we would balance the room out by painting all the walls with fresh white paint, which we also got from Amazon for £15.” 

Family expertise

Regan's cousin is an electrician and fitted the couples spotlights for free which meant they only paid for the actual spotlights which were just £50 in B&Q.

He said: "We also found the perfect colour worktop from B&Q and paid £76 for 3m and then £136 for the breakfast bar. By the time we paid for the edging and glue the cost so far was £397 which we were more than happy with.” 

Georgia explained that they got a local carpenter to fit their worktop for only £300.

Her dad is also a well-rounded tradesman so could fit their sink and do all the plumbing work, saving them plenty, with the only cost being £80 to buy the sink and tap.

Do It Yourself

She said: “Finally we found the most gorgeous tiles in Wickes, we didn't even look at the price at first because they were the only ones we really liked, made even better by the fact that they were only £9 a box.

"We taught ourselves how to tile through Youtube videos and tiled the whole kitchen. The tiles in total came to around £300 including the grout and adhesive.” 

“All that hard work resulted in a happy couple with a happy bank balance!”  

The thrifty couples top tip for saving is: "See what can be done by yourself and what might need expertise.

"We taught ourselves to tile, we also painted and fixed many of the fittings. This saved us loads of money on labour costs and we saved a huge amount of money in the end.” 

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