Wacky words puzzle is leaving the internet stumped – but can you name all the famous phrases?

TWIDDLING your thumbs this Sunday afternoon? Well we’ve got just the thing to keep you, and your brain busy.

This fiendishly tricky new wacky words brainteaser challenges players to identify the well-known sayings in the puzzle.

And well-known the sayings might be, but you will still have a hard time naming all 20 in this image.

Shared on Reddit each block features a word/words accompanied by either an image, or font that gives a cryptic clue to the catchphrase.

Sometimes even the position of the word will be a giveaway to what the answer is, but only a true wordsmith will guess all 20.

Think you can master the block? Scroll down to check your answers.


  1. Sandbox
  2. Man over board
  3. I understand
  4. Reading between the lines
  5. Long underwear
  6. Crossroads
  7. Down town
  8. Tricycle
  9. Split level
  10. Degrees below zero
  11. Neon light
  12. Circles under the eyes
  13. Highchair
  14. Paradise
  15. Touch down
  16. Six feet underground
  17. Mind over matter
  18. He's beside himself
  19. Backwards glance
  20. Life after death

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