Vanessa Hudgens’ Sexiest Halloween Looks: 9 Times She Got In The Spooky Spirit

No one loves Halloween as much as Vanessa Hudgens! Year after year, the actress manages to take Halloween to a whole new level with her costumes and spooky looks.

Vanessa Hudgens, 31, proves year after year that she’s the queen of Halloween. From witch-themed t-shirts to skeleton costumes, the actress has no shortage of spooktacular looks. With Oct. 31 approaching, HollywoodLife has decided to round up some of our favorite Halloween-themed ensembles that Hudgens has put together over the past few years. Every year, Vanessa goes all out for the holiday by dressing up in themed outfits and changing her Instagram aesthetic to include only black and white images. She clearly doesn’t make it a secret how much she loves Halloween and has even valiantly defended the holiday from British celebrities James Corden and Matt Smith who don’t get the appeal.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Hocus Pocus in 2018, Vanessa co-hosted a special alongside Jordan Fisher. Vanessa dazzled in an extravagant and very spooky look for the occasion. The actress took the stage in a head-to-toe latex bodysuit with massive peacock wings. The feathers framed Vanessa’s body and she truly looked like the scariest angel.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show, the High School Musical alum confirmed that she throws big Halloween parties and loves events with themes. “Halloween is my favorite holiday. I live for Halloween. I literally count down the days,” she gushed. James, along with the Doctor Who star, then got on her case saying that Halloween isn’t a real holiday, which set Hudgens off. “Yes, it’s a holiday!” she said. It is a season! It is a celebratory season to embrace your inner darkness.” Right on, V!

Vanessa concluded his argument by labeling Halloween as weird, to which the Second Act star replied, “Cool, then I’m weird and I like it, ok?” The actress also made it clear that you don’t just celebrate the day – to really embrace the holiday, you celebrate all October long! TBH, she’s 100 percent correct.

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