Total Luxury Spa Wants to Better Our Relationship With the Planet

Total Luxury Spa‘s fifth collection, titled “Liquid State,” explores human beings’ connection to nature — and particularly to water. By drawing attention to how we are equally capable of actions which devastate the environment and actions which bring about long-term change for good, the brand explores how to maintain the delicate balance of our planet.

The campaign, photographed beside the Los Angeles River, shows off several stand-outs in the collection, including the limited edition Friends of the L.A. River T-shirt. The organization was established in 1986 and has sought to restore the local community’s connection to the river, and all proceeds from sales of the shirt will go to benefit its efforts. All of the shirts in the collection are also crafted from an exclusive 100 percent recyclable jersey, collected as waste from production floors.

Total Luxury Spa has also announced additional efforts to lower its footprint and encourage its customers to do the same. The brand has committed to using 100% compostable packaging and shipping materials, and it will also release a shower timer, reusable water bottles and charcoal drinking water filters to make our water safer and more sustainable.

The collection will release on November 27 on the brand’s web store along with select global partners including Dover Street Market, Beams and A Ma Maniére.

Total Luxury Spa was also recently one of 12 brands to join Dover Street Market and Sky High Farm to combat food insecurity via an exclusive capsule collection of garments and accessories.
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