TikTok stars show you how to make the best wrap toasties – from pizza to Nutella

SOCIAL media has an unlikely new superstar – the sandwich toaster.

It is at the centre of a TikTok craze that has seen sales of the kitchen appliance soar.

Foodies are filming themselves using skilfully folded tortilla wraps to knock up ever fancier, multi-layered snacks to wedge into the toaster.

We are not talking the soggy cheese and ham fare you got off a van when we were going to festivals.

No, nimble fingers are conjuring everything from pizza and burger-inspired designs to breakfast, dessert or vegan ones.

Electricals firm AO.com reckons sales of sarnie toasters are up 527 per cent in the past year thanks to the craze.

Just score a tortilla wrap so it is easy to fold then, wrap, bang, wallop, the world is your toastie.

On the right, we tell you how, and below Dan Hall serves up some TikTok toasts with the most.

Here's how it all stacks up

  1. Use a knife or pizza- cutter to cut a slit from the bottom edge of your tortilla wrap to its centre.
  2. Lay out your chosen ingredients across four sections of the wrap – these will become the toastie’s layers.
  3. Fold the bottom-left section over on to the top-left. Then carefully fold those two sections on to the top-right, before finally folding the whole stack down on to the remaining section. You should now have a triangular creation.
  4. Pop your folded masterpiece into the sandwich toaster for as long the ingredients require and, as they say, it’s a wrap!
  5. Don’t forget to slice it in half to admire all those delish layers inside.


By @everything_delish

FOOD blogger Jamie Milne wanted a slice of the wrap-mania and thrilled her 1.2million TikTok tribe with this pizza genius.

Canada-based Jamie’s simple and tasty feast uses just ordinary tomato sauce, grated cheese and mushrooms.

She fries her wrap in a pan for two to three minutes on each side, or until golden brown and the cheese has melted.

But a sandwich toaster will do the trick, too.


By @tiffoods

ESCAPE to paradise with this Hawaiian-style treat.

Tiffany makes the TikTok trend her own by, radically, doing away with the tortilla and instead using a sheet of nori – the seaweed used to wrap sushi – as her base.

She then cooks three slices of spam in soy sauce and adds a dash of sugar then mirin – Japanese rice wine – until the liquid bubbles but before the sugar burns.

Next, she adds rice, avocado and a fried egg before folding her wrap.


By @freddsters

THIS dude doesn’t just slouch down to brekkie in PJs and pop on the toast – he gets busy building.

Alfredo Garcia, or Freddy to his pals, knows just the thing to start the day.
He puts mayo on his wrap as a base but leaves the bottom-right section plain.

He then fills the wrap with brekkie staples of bacon, a fried egg, hash browns and cheese – and tops with hot sauce.

As he says in his video: “What more could you ask for?”


By @simplefood4you

THE Swedes do know a thing or two about a good flat-pack.

So no suprise, then, that Swedish vlogger Alexandra Johnsson is all over the TikTok wrap craze – with a banging burger-inspired blow-out.

She uses 100g of ground chuck steak, bacon, pepper jack cheese and a splash of truffle oil to work her magic.

Her video showing how to create her work of art is quickly ticking up toward five million views on TikTok.

Crunch wrap

By @cookingwithayeh

THIS one has the Mex factor – knocked up by someone who really knows their black beans.

Creator Ayeh tells her army of 376,000 followers: “If you’re looking for an extra-crunchy wrap then you have to try my Mexican-inspired version.”

It features guacamole topped with lettuce, corn chips, black beans topped with pico de gallo and chipotle sauce, and a sprinkling of grated cheese.
Can’t argue with that.


By @cookingwithayeh

HMM, shall I go for the spotted dick, treacle tart, lemon tart or . . . fruit and peanut-butter toastie?

TikTok whiz Ayeh, she of the Mex crunch, left, switched from savoury to sweet to dish up this dessert treat – with lashings of peanut butter, Nutella, chopped hazelnuts, banana and strawberry.

She divulges: “Toasting it makes the difference, as the strawberries become like jam. It’s sweet and salty, crunchy heaven.”


By @feedyoursouldiet

WHAT better way to sign off Veganuary – but most food fans would fancy a chow down on this.

Dietitian Mira Bazzi isn’t vegan but saw a gap in the TikTok posts.

She deploys ketchup, lettuce and chopped onions in the bottom left section of her wrap, then fills the top two with red beans, sweet-corn, cabbage and carrot.

The finishing touch is a little guacamole – for a “juicy and healthy and simple” kind of thing.

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