Thrilled mum shares snap of 'ladybirds' she found in her home – but is horrified when she finds out what they really are

A MUM who shared a snap of the sweet “ladybirds” she found in her home was horrified when she discovered what they really were.

Taking to Facebook the unsuspecting mum shared a photo of the bugs that she had discovered on her bed.

Captioning the snap, she wrote: “I’ve always felt drawn to ladybugs. 

“I don’t know what it is. I just feel connected to them.

“This morning on my bed I found a mama and a baby ladybug on my bed and I feel like today is my day and something beautiful is going to happen!

“Do y’all have any good luck signs? Share your stories!”

However, the mum’s sweet post has since been shared on Reddit where people were quick to reveal who had really visited her bed.

“Tho….those are bedbugs, ma'am,” one Reddit user pointed out, with another adding: “Those things will make your life a living hell.”

A third joked: “She should name them Itchy and Scratchy.”

Meanwhile, others were quick to offer solutions on how to get rid of the pests.

"Lavender oil, and long clothing when getting ready for bed, (full sleeve shirts, sweat pants) helps a lot!" suggested one.

Another chimed in, "My exterminators “test” was literally a bowl of dry ice. Apparently CO2 attracts them. Next morning? Dead bed bugs in the bowl."

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