This $45 Outfit Is Perfect If You Love Shorts But Struggle With Styling Them

This Outfit Is Perfect If You Love Shorts but Struggle With Styling Them

The weekends are about relaxed style, whether you’re heading to brunch, hitting the farmers market, or grabbing drinks with friends. With comfort at the forefront, looking cute is still a priority, and in the Summer, shorts are often one of the go-to pieces to achieve such a vibe.

Well, let me say from first-hand experience that I have often struggled with styling shorts. Sure, with a t-shirt and sneakers, they work, but it can feel a little snoozy after repeat wears. Teamed with a feminine top, they’re fun, but it’s not always the mood I’m after. At the beach, I’m all for turning my bathing suit into an outfit via shorts and accessories, but that’s a rather specific scenario. More often than not, I exhaust myself trying to make shorts work. So instead of subjecting myself to the struggle, I’m switching things up and giving rompers a try.

Now, I realize rompers can easily skew young, but my solve is a utilitarian version like this affordable long-sleeved romper from the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s (it’s basically this comfortable boilersuit’s leggier sister).

Whether worn with sneakers, sandals, or statement-making boots like street style star Gilda Ambrosio so stylishly demonstrates above, this all-in-one piece is the easiest way to wear shorts, in my opinion — all you have to do is throw it on and add accessories. What’s simpler than that?! OK, yes, you have to choose between black, army green, or chambray, but at $45, you may not need to decide.

Whether you’re dressing up a romper with heels and earrings or wearing one with sneakers for low-key cool, ahead, shop the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s romper I know you’ll love.

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