These mouth-watering McDonald’s and KFC meals are actually CAKES and the mum that bakes them charges £250 a time – The Sun

A MUM has proved whipping up mouth-watering fast food creations is – quite literally – a piece of cake.

Selina McCloud, 37, charges up to £250 a pop for her super-realistic bakes inspired by greasy favourites like McDonald's Big Mac plus fries and a KFC chicken bucket.

The talented baker from Gosport in Hampshire left friends speechless and struggling to tell the difference with a 'KFC meal' she whipped up.

Following the positive reaction, she has branched out into cakes inspired by other popular types of fast food.

These include fish and chips complete with mushy peas, as well as a Sunday roast and kebab pitta with cheesy chips.

There's also a some non-cake desserts, including a McDonald's McFlurry, a milkshake, a banana split and popcorn.

"I started out making a KFC cake and the reaction to it was wild,’ Selina told Metro.

"People kept saying to me how amazing they thought it was after I posted a photo of it online."

The mum continued: "The kids often pick up chips and pieces of chicken thinking they’re real. They’re never very impressed when they turn out to be cake."

She explained that each cake can take days to finish, since some seemingly minor elements – like chips and lettuce leaves – can individually take hours to create.

Selina revealed that she makes chicken or fish batter from Rice Krispies and marshmallows.

And chips are produced using shortbread styled to look fried.

Given the time involved, Selina charges £100 to £250 per cake.

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