These are the 10 best-selling paint colours at Wilko’s – and Mrs Hinch would be proud of the top five

DIY has soared in popularity recently with lockdown finally giving people the time to redecorate. 

Influencers such as Mrs Hinch have inspired scores of Brits to revamp their houses, with the cleaning queen's neutral decor going down a storm with her 3.7 million fans on Instagram.

The mum-of-one, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, is known for her immaculate house, with Wilko’s admitting she’s probably the reason dozens of grey paint tins have flown off the shelves.

The department store has shared the top 10 best-selling shades over the years – and unsurprisingly half of them are grey.

So if you're stuck over what particular shade to choose for your DIY project, take a look through these popular choices. 

Wilko’s looked at sales from the last 10 years and revealed the most popular shade is grey whisper, and in second place is pearl grey. 

Wilko’s top 10 paint shades

  • Grey whisper 
  • Pearl grey
  • Duck egg
  • Magnolia
  • Mineral stone
  • Tinsel town red
  • Happy yellow
  • Candy candy
  • Storm cloud
  • Cosy grey

  • Wilko One Coat Grey Whisper Matt Emulsion Paint, Wilko's, £16 – buy now

In third place is classic shade duck egg, with the blue tone consistently popular over the years.

In fourth place is a very traditional magnolia, and in fifth place we’re back to grey with mineral stone. 

A pop of colour comes in sixth place with tinsel town red, and hot on its heels is happy yellow. 

Wilko’s reckoned DIY shows on TV, such as Changing Rooms, were a big influence behind neutral tones such as magnolia – as well as some of the more brighter choices. 

  • Pearl Grey Silk Emulsion Paint, Wilko's, £12 – buy now

  • Mineral Stone Matt Emulsion Paint, Wilko's, £12 – buy now

Eighth most popular is the pastel-hued candy cane, and we’re back to grey for the remainder of the top 10, with storm cloud and cosy grey finishing up the list. 

Wilko’s launched its paint line in 1973, and it’s grown to be one of their most popular products. 

Paint prices start from £4, and you can even get a glitter finish as well as bold colours in its statement range.

  • Wilko Storm Cloud Matt Emulsion Paint, Wilko, £12 – buy now

  • Wilko One Coat Cosy Grey Matt Emulsion Paint, Wilko's, £16 – buy now

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