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THERE'S one co-host on The View who easily makes the grade with her natural flair for fashion, a celebrity stylist has said.

But she claims another presenter sadly misses the mark despite appearing "strict" with the team who might be styling her.

Co-hosts on The View seem competent at managing pesky wardrobe malfunctions both on air or in the run-up to taping.

Recently, Joy Behar lost one of her earrings on set, and before then, she mistakingly exposed her bra.

Newcomer Alyssa Farah Griffin once ran off the set and changed her dress as a guest showed up in the same one.

Most fashion mishaps can be rectified quickly, but according to one personal stylist, what goes on in a daytime TV wardrobe department is a different matter.

In an exclusive interview, Amanda Sanders told The U.S. Sun: “Styling for The View is stressful because there are six women to dress in six different sizes.

"They also need to consider six different personalities.

“If the celeb doesn't like an outfit, the team would try to appease her with one of the other outfits and get a replacement.

“Overall, Sara Haines gets it right and is always on trend and on point.

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“She is the most relatable fashion-wise and we’re always looking to see what she wears.

“Whoopi and Joy have their own formula while Sunny and Ana are the wild cards.

“Alyssa misses the mark with the lemon-yellow colors, plus she dresses more like she's in her forties.

“Alyssa's hair is very pageantry and old-fashioned — although still beautiful.

“Alyssa feels the need to dress maturely to be taken seriously so she should dial that down.

"She doesn't look as sophisticated as Sara always looks."


Whoopi Goldberg, 67, is known to like fashion and is a regular at New York Fashion Week.

The veteran presenter wears Crocs to movie premieres and launched her own fashion line in 2022 called Dugbee.

At the time, Whoopi said her business motto was: "The last thing you should ever fret about is what’s in your closet."

“Whoopi doesn’t wear anything with a shape, or that’s figure-hugging, form-fitting, or a particularly bright palette,” said New York-based Amanda.

“She wants to be comfortable so wears shapeless frocks that are boxy and square.

“Whoopi is established, so she is not going to wear a dress.

“She could add a little more color, texture, and patterns to her wardrobe, but she chooses solid, neutral, and shapeless clothes, unfortunately.”


Joy Behar, 80, recently strayed away from her regular black put-together suited and booted look.

On April 26, she wore a more youthful denim-on-denim style with casual loafers and jeans.

While Whoopi said: "You look terrific," Joy complained that her stylist on the show was "dressing her like a teenager."

“Whoopi and Joy predominantly wear pants because dresses for them require shapewear," added Amanda.

“Joy wears a lot of black including black jackets and tops.

“Predominantly it's pants, and it's predominantly a suit jacket which is her uniform.

“The stylist could ask her to change, but at this point, Joy is established so she wouldn’t care.

“For Joy, she wouldn’t want this to be a fashion show.”


Recently, Ana Navarro, 51, appears to have been busy showing off her figure in dresses and pantsuits on the show.

The political strategist has been taking care of her health over the last year which includes losing weight.

Over time, Ana seems to be making bolder fashion choices.

“Ana has a curvier figure but unfortunately throws herself under the bus about her weight.

“Ana still seems willing to try out new styles, colors, patterns, and shapes.

“Her continuity is in her hair which is always blown out the same way.

“Ana always looks better in dresses.”


Sunny Hostin, 54, has admitted in the past that she is picky when it comes to how she looks on the View.

On March 31, the former CNN legal analyst welcomed members of her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha's home chapter.

While her sisters wore wearing identical wrap dresses, Sunny was dressed in a tie-dye number.

She also said: "I'm too vain to wear glasses, and so I can't see everyone's faces, but I thank you so much for coming to support me sorors."

“Sunny has more creative play with her style than Joy and Whoopi," added Amanda.

“Sometimes you’ll see her in a dress or pants, colors and patterns.

“Her hair and makeup are always fun, just like her witty personality while her clothes and versatility are a good match.

“When her hair is straight, she looks like a completely different person.

"I don't love it much when she puts it half up and half down.

“Sunny has amazing hair and can determine it with what she's wearing, which is fun for her.”


Sara Haines, 45, is known to like switching up her hair, makeup, and style.

In a 2021 interview, Sara said of her style process: "Technically I have a say in it but I am very well aware of what I don’t know in life. And that’s fashion."

"So I surround myself with very brilliant people and then I lean on their, uh, uh, opinions."

“Sara has a fun personality and makes fashion fun with clothing and accessories and her hair," added Amanda.

“Sara really works it with fashion.

“She's got great shape and whatever she does with her style suits her personality.

“Sara is bubbly but also has a serious side.

“Sara probably has more fashion options than some of the others because these become narrower, unfortunately, once you're a certain size.”


Alyssa Farah Griffin, 33, joined the show in September but quickly shocked fans with some of her debut outfits.

On her first day, Alyssa wore a short, rainbow-colored dress that came above her knee.

"It was Alyssa Farrahs first official day on The View and it looks like Meghan McCain's former hairstylist is now picking her outfits," commented one fan.

“Over time, Alyssa started to dress conservatively while utilizing color and being aware of her body shape,” said Amanda.

“Alyssa seems strict with what she prefers to wear and what she's going to look like.

“Some of the colors she wears are too harsh and the lemon-yellow citrine suits are beyond me.

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"Alyssa has a lot of hair which is gorgeous.

"But there's no variation as it’s always parted in the middle, and it's blown out to the side."

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