The nine secret signs your man is lying to you – including the one he'll NEVER be able to hide

WANT to always be able to tell if your man is lying to you?

Body language Judi James has revealed the secret signs that will always reveal if your partner isn’t telling the truth – including the one he'll NEVER be able to hide.

Speaking to Fabulous, Judi said: “Accomplished, frequent liars tend to suffer lower levels of guilt than more honest people so their body language signals can be less obvious. 

“Also, a person telling the truth under pressure can easily look guilty as you’ll know if you’ve ever found yourself closely watched by a store’s security guard or an official at the customs desk.”

Judi added that it is not absolute science, but there are some ways you can detect someone isn’t being genuine.

Here, Judi reveals some of the most common body language clues and tells that someone might be telling you porkies…

The telling pause

Lies take a much longer time to compose than a truthful answer and that pause before they start to speak can be a frequent sign of a liar.

They have to suppress the truthful body language and words before deciding on the ‘performance’, so you’ll see a number of time-stallers, from repeating your question to shuffling about to change position or even an expression of eyebrow-raised, eye-widening mock surprise/innoccence at being called out.

Evasive signs

The hardest parts of the body to control during a lie are the hands, feet and eyes.

We tend to believe our eyes will always reveal the truth, which is why poker players wear dark shades and peaked caps, so eye cut-offs are a common lie signal, with the liar looking down or away, part-covering their face with one hand or even closing their eyes as they lie.

A frequent liar might use exaggerated eye contact in a bid to look more honest as they lie but this will look unnatural in itself and even they will often get caught looking down or away at the precise point of the lie.

The eyes are almost impossible to control when lying, meaning it's hard look normal when fibbing.

Non-verbal diarrhea

A liar will often begin to talk too much and to over-gesticulate.

The waving about of the hands will be used to act as a distraction from the facial cues and these will often be over-persuasive gestures like shrugging while displaying the palms of the hands or throwing the arms out to suggest ‘I have nothing to hide’.

Poker face

Another telling tactic can be the body language version of the Poker Face though, where the liar tries to avoid giving themselves away by not moving at all.

They might even sit on their hands too, or shove them between their crossed legs or wrap their feet around the chair legs in a bid to avoid self-heckling rituals where your body calls your words out in a lie.

Leakage rituals

It’s the feet that will often give a liar away, with levels of discomfort and stress causing foot-shuffling or even tapping in a metronomic ritual that signals an impatience to end the questions.

I’ve even seen feet heading towards the door for a quick exit while the liar is still seated.

Self-comfort fiddling

The pressure of the lie can cause an increase in self-comfort rituals, like touching or straightening clothing, fiddling or face-touch.

The nose-touch or scratch is one of the best-known tells and this is said to come from the ‘Pinocchio Effect’, where blood vessels really do make the nose grow during a lie.

If they do it’s not very visible to the naked eye, but it can make the nose itch, hence the scratching.

Crooked smile

When we’re being honest our facial expressions tend to be symmetric but a lie can create an asymmetric, lopsided response where the mouth tries to smile but tension or guilt pulls it down on one side in a crooked smile.

Eye direction

It is claimed that the eyes move to different sides during a lie, often with the left being a signal of recalled memory and the right more creative thought.

This can be used as a clue when you watch sudden swerves during an interview but it’s not a precise way to unmask a lie.

Incongruent body language

Are the words telling you one story but the body language signaling something else?

When the words and the non-verbal signals are in disagreement always remember it’s easier to lie with words than with gestures.

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