The naughtiest star signs for kids revealed – and it’s bad news for mums and dads of Leos

LET'S face it, ALL kids can/are/will be difficult, but some birthdays, and therefore signs of the zodiac, set them up for trickier, tantrum-ier childhoods than others.

Here are the top five challenging star signs as children… and the best of the rest.

The top five most difficult star sign children


I hope you live near an A&E, because this child’s utter BLOODLUST for thrills, adventure and reckless behaviour will see you getting a seat with your name on it – and becoming on cosy first name terms with the nurses.

Bold, daring, brash and competitive. Crash-mat the house! Alert the emergency services! Make them wear a helmet/fire retardant suit at all times!

What does your little Aries need from a parent?

Reassurance, because deep down they feel insecure about themselves.

Praise them, reward them, boost their self-esteem and weirdly, you may find they quieten down a bit.


Scorpios are born more like fully-grown (opinionated) adults than children.

They know their own mind thank you very much, they have literally ZERO self-doubt or interest in you telling them what to do.

They also like revenge (I’m not kidding!)

They nurse their grudges and will serve them, as a cold dish, when the opportunity arises.

So… expect some, frankly, weird calls from nursery!

What does your little Scorpio need from a parent?

Strong values and a moral compass, installed early on in life.

Scorpios are fearless and often drawn to dark places.

Make sure they understand your ethics and carry an internal sat nav for right/wrong on their travels.


A very serious little character, likely to be plotting 10-year career plans and possible world-domination strategies, from their pushchair.

“What’s wrong with that?” you might say… well, it will make for a sometimes lonely child as they are kinda born-to-be-40!

A deep well of internal insecurity can make them very susceptible to insults or criticism, spending their alone time nurturing their wounds and feeling aggrieved.

Handle with care!

What does your little Capricorn need from a parent?

Genuine interest, and encouragement, in the things they enjoy doing.

With early support, Capricorns can identify their talents and even niche in life and then dedicate themselves to getting really good at something.


A flouncy, bouncy, cocky little bundle of ego and pride.

Lovable, but demanding and self-centred. They will get terribly uppity if they feel their siblings/friends/school mates are seen as being better than them in ANY respect.

They are likely to get into a lot of cat fights, either sticking up for themselves or others (they always protect the under-dog).

Drama will follow them… and therefore you, as their long-suffering parent.

What does your little Leo need from a parent?

Clear boundaries. They are passionate and impetuous, and, left to their own devices, could get up to GOD KNOWS what.

Make sure they know, understand and are following the rules you know will keep them safe.


Everyone knows that Taureans are stubborn, and this is true.

You will notice this pretty darn quick, as it’s a key part of their nature.

But, they are also kinda possessive, about all sorts of things – their toys, room, personal privacy and space, food, decisions, friends, you.

Taureans love physical comfort and stability, they detest change, and this can make for some interesting episodes as you navigate their development, growing circle of friends, and introduction to new places throughout childhood.

Practice unpeeling fingertips from various surfaces, as they are natural-born clingers when they don’t want to do something/go someplace.

What does your little Taurus need from a parent?

Peace and quiet to process, reflect on, and come to terms with the inevitable changes and pressures that everyday life has on their psyche.

Don’t expect immediate responses about anything, it takes them a while to analyse events and come to a conclusion – let that unfold and be ready to listen and acknowledge their fears as they arise.

The most creative star sign children


Did this child float down from outer space? Possibly.

All Aquarians have an other-worldly air about them, and your little brainbox will probably demonstrate early talents towards engineering, invention, science and maths, usually from a left-field angle. Super-clever.

What does your little Aquarius need from a parent?

Space to learn from their mistakes, with minimal judgement and “I told you so” interference.

This kid can go a long way, help them learn to optimise their natural innovative, independent nature.


Talks a lot. Never stops moving. Asks questions, like, CONSTANTLY.

Will love writing, poetry, films, stories, acting, drama.

Geminis have a million ideas coursing round their airy brains at any one moment, the trick is keeping up with them!

What does your little Gemini need from a parent?

Stimulation! Books, toys, paper and pens, games, outings, exhibitions, challenges, movies, quizzes… imagine you’re raising a mini human-encyclopaedia, you’re going to need a bigger toy box, my friend!

The most loving star sign children


Steadfast, quiet Virgo is perceptive, intelligent and measured.

Your child will soon have a better grasp, and understanding of, your emotions than you do!

They naturally possess great reserves of patience, loyalty and compassion for others (though they can be a bit judgey so expect a FEW tussles amongst their friendship groups).

What does your little Virgo need from a parent?

A lot of reassurance. Despite their serene demeanour, inside every Virgo is a fierce and unkind self-critic.

They are tough on themselves. You can help to counter and even quell that inner voice of judgement, for good.


The final sign of the zodiac, and therefore a mixture of all 12 signs, so you may find your child has a very fluid, changeable, interesting personality.

Creative and imaginative, for sure, and also very loving and affectionate with others.

Pisces love nothing more than being cosy and cuddled at home. Kinda like a human teddy bear!

What does your little Pisces need from a parent?

Outlets for their vast wells of creativity – be that via writing, art, acting, invention, crafts etc.

Also, sometimes, a strong intervention to get them up, moving and committed to things – they can let themselves off the hook and drift. Spot it, and stop it!

The funniest star sign children


An extremely charismatic sign who can draw an admiring crowd with their antics (when they’re in the mood… and *mood* is a key word with Cancerians, because their emotions see-saw around like no other).

Very funny, very creative, very talented at impersonations and mimicry because they are intensely interested in the detail of other people.

Life, with a Cancerian child, will NEVER be dull, that’s for sure.

What does your little Cancer need from a parent?

Help them to acknowledge, understand and manage their surging, see-sawing emotions.

Left untended, they can develop into adults who struggle to control themselves, or their lives, so they need extra support early on, to get to grips with this aspect of their nature.


The zodiac’s clown! A warm, affectionate, spontaneous, reckless rogue who bounds about throwing themselves into anything and everything, and loves nothing more than to make others smile (even at their own expense).

Typically clumsy, so likely to be great at slap-stick and physical japes (keep a First Aid kit handy, at all times).

What does your little Sagittarius need from a parent?

Quiet space for them to chill, calm down, stop performing and just settle into their own feelings and thoughts.

Despite their clowniness, they are often deep thinkers and pretty philosophical.

Help them develop this hidden, and valuable, side to their personality.

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