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IF you're on the hunt for a new position to help spice up your sex life, the magic mountain may just be for you.

Here we take a look at the position and what benefits it can bring to the bedroom.  

What is the magic mountain sex position?

The magic mountain sex position is an intimate alternative to doggy style – one of the most popular sex positions out there.

And for those who want to have sex without switching off your favourite TV show or movie – this could be the perfect position for you.

The Magic Mountain sex position means you can carry on streaming while getting some action at the same time.

How to do the magic mountain sex position

To get into the lazy yet pleasurable position, the female lies on her front and props herself up on her elbows.

One of her legs is slightly bent, and the male kneels tall behind her – resembling a tall mountain – and straddles her straight leg.

He then can use his hands to hold her waist, or to wander her body if he wants to ramp things up a notch and reach new peaks.

He can lean forwards if he wishes to caress her breasts and to enjoy a deep penetration.

Women can relax as the man does all the hard work in this twist on classic doggy style – minimal effort and maximum pleasure!

And for even more excitement, why not add a vibrator or lube into the mix?

Let the Netflix and Chill pleasure begin!

What benefits does the magic mountain sex position have?

The magic mountain sex position can bring a number of benefits to the bedroom.

This position allows both partners to feel connected and intimate – while maintaining that super orgasm-friendly angle.

The magic mountain can also be totally hands-free if you want it to be.

If this bedroom move sounds ideal for you, why not try the Unicorn sex position.

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