The Kardashian's Former Makeup Artist Joyce Bonelli Stars in Boundary-Breaking Beauty Campaign

The Kardashian-Jenner family’s former longtime makeup artist Joyce Bonelli just landed her first major beauty campaign — and this time, she’s in front of the camera!

The makeup pro teamed up with beloved drugstore makeup brand wet n’ wild for the expansion of its Breaking Beauty campaign, which originally launched in 2017 as an effort to embrace diversity in beauty sphere.

Starring celeb makeup artists including Bonelli, Ashley Holm, Lauren Leonard and Hosway Morback, plus models like Diandra Forrest, Bree Kish and more, the stunning ads celebrate the idea that there’s not one true definition of beauty.

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“I love the idea of this campaign, because I personally work on so many different and diverse faces,” Bonelli told PEOPLE. “I love that wet n’ wild is a brand that has always embraced different cultures from the beginning.”

She added, “We’re working off of the diversity of models for the campaign. One girl has freckles – I love that – so I will add more freckles.”

Besides starring in the ads, Bonelli also did models’ makeup for the shoot, previewing plenty of wet n’ wild’s newest launches, including the Photo Focus Foundation Stick, Mega Last Liquid High-Shine Lipstick, Mega Glo Loose Highlighting Powder and Mega Glo Liquid Highligher (one of her personal favorites!).

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In honor of Bonelli’s exciting, boundary-breaking partnership with wet n’ wild, we sat down with the star makeup artist to talk all things beauty — scroll below to read the full interview.

What’s your approach to doing makeup on a diverse group of women?

When I look at a face for the first time, I go off what’s most unique about each individual person I’m working on, whether it’s their lashes or their eyes or their brows. I keep in mind to make something pop that’s really unique to that person. Some artists have a certain look on everyone’s face, but for me everyone has their own vibe.

What products have you always had in your makeup kit over the years?

I actually used to use this little tiny wet n’ wild palette in high school! It was this pastel, iridescent rainbow makeup and I would always do the same white and then the purple, the pink and the blue. It was just funny. I will spend so much money just being in Target or CVS for an hour.

Which affordable products are really good dupes for more expensive brands?

With wet n’ wild, I always love their mascara. I do keep other brands in my kit and love to trick [my clients]. The new Lash Renegade Mascara has a really good packing and I love packaging! I really like their liquid liners too.

What’s the best strategy for shopping for beauty in the drugstore aisle? 

I think a good strategy – although I don’t use this myself because I’ll get carried away – is to really stay focused on what you came there to get and to find the shade of products that you need. There are certain brands that you can try, but don’t just buy a little bit of everything. Don’t go too crazy!

You’ve teased your own makeup line coming out sometime soon! Do you have a launch date yet?

I’m working on that. It’s all of your makeup must-haves plus tools. For my line, it’s really just what you really need, not like a brand that has everything.

You recently just partnered with photo editing app FaceTune too — how much do you use this on your clients? 

I mean, I think a lot of people use it. I can’t speak for everybody. I mostly use it on myself, but everything is about angle. Sometimes if the angle isn’t right, you have to cinch your waist a little! I posted a picture of me and Joan Smalls and I was like, ‘You can’t even see my torso!’ So I wondered if I should fix it. I don’t really use it on my clients showing makeup because it does filter out a lot of makeup.

— with reporting by Nicole Sands

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