The decluttering calendar you need to help you stay organized and why you need to tackle your bathroom right now

CLEANING and decluttering your home can become a very overwhelming task if you wait until everything is a mess to do so.

A decluttering calendar might actually help you out with that – because not only will it help you stay on track each month, but you'll be tackling tasks you had no idea you needed to do.

But why is decluttering so important?

Well, aside from helping you get rid of items that might not serve you anymore, a cluttered home can lead to a couple of health issues.

At the top of the list is sleep deprivation as you may have issues actually dozing off.

It may also create unhealthy habits because messes are often seen as bad coping and avoidance strategies, as well as feelings of guilt for not having a tidy home.

On top of that, you might suffer from more anxiety than normal because you're constantly stimulated by the clutter, according to the packaging retailer RAJA UK.

Now that we've established that clutter is terrible for your health, let's dive into what you should be clearing out each month:


New year, new decluttering tasks.

Following the holiday season, the first thing you need to tackle is taking down all your Christmas decorations and tucking them away in bins to keep them organized for next year.

You should also be disposing of packaging that no longer serves a purpose, as well as donating or returning unwanted Christmas gifts.

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As the month of love approaches, you should spend some time in your kitchen.

Start reorganizing your pantry and checking the expiration date on foodstuff – get rid of the ones that have gone out of date.

You can also donate any items you know your family won't consume.

During February, you should also tackle your junk drawer and recycle old takeout menus and store important receipts.

On top of that, you should also take inventory of your old appliances and get rid of items you no longer use or are broken.


As spring approaches, tackle your medicine cabinet and get rid of anything out of date.

You should also go through your beauty and skincare products and dispose of items you don't use.


Now's the time to tackle your winter wardrobe and cut it down. Donate or sell pieces you no longer use or don't fit you.

Do the same with everyone's closet, including your kids'.


As the summer ramps up, go through your storage unit, sheds, garages, and/or attics.

Sort of products by category and store them together.

Decluttering Tips

  1. Take it one room at a time: it'll be less overwhelming and it'll give you a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Use three piles: things to keep, things to donate, and things to get rid of.
  3. Be brutal: if you haven't used something in six months, get rid of it.
  4. Make it a lifestyle change: decluttering every day for five minutes creates a good habit


The last month of summer vacation is dedicated to sorting through craft items like pens and paints.

Store the remaining ones in storage boxes.

Additionally, you should sort through your books, board games, DVDs, and such.


Now's the time to sort through your linen closet.

Recycle any tattered towels, sheets, blankets, and liners and donate them to your local animal shelter.


As many return back to school and work, start fresh by sorting through your home office space.

Invest in some good desk organizers so you can safely keep important documents.


As you begin to pull out your winter closet, go through it once more and look at the items you didn't use.

You can donate, repurpose, or even sell them to let others have a chance in using them.

You'll also want to store away sandals and summer clothes.


As the holiday season ramps up, go through your decorations once more and check what you'll use this year.

Get rid of the ones you won't.

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Go back to your kitchen and check that everything's still up to date before prepping any big dinners.


Enjoy your home and get ready to declutter all over in the new year.

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