The dangerous household cleaning hacks you definitely shouldn’t do, according to the experts

IF you have ever mixed a bunch of cleaning agents to get your home sparkling clean, you might want to put the bleach and vinegar down and read on.

According to a cleaning expert, combining these harsh chemicals can be life-threatening and cause health issues.


This combination creates a toxic gas that can cause respiratory irritation, claimed Canadian influencer Liz in a video.


According to Liz, this combination makes up a dangerous chemical that when ingested or breathed in can knock out someone.

Additionally, it can damage the liver, the skin, and even the nervous system.

Chloroform poisoning can often be fatal.


The combination of these two chemicals can often be corrosive and highly reactive, possibly eating away at whatever you are cleaning.


Together, this combination can also create a gas that can be poisonous and detrimental to someone's health.

Earlier this week, Osteopath Anisha Joshi shared the top household tasks that could damage your back if you're not careful.

In her viral Instagram reel, Anisha urged people never to lean into the bath when cleaning it as it could strain your lower back.

Instead, she recommended sitting close to the tub and going onto your knees if you're able.

Similarly, the expert warned against stretching to get your vacuum into those hard-to-reach spots.

"Stay close to the area you're hoovering and move with it," she said.

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