The 10-minute lockdown DIY jobs that'll add £20k to your home

WITH the UK in the midst of another lockdown we’ve all got more time at home, so there’s never been a better opportunity to tackle that DIY you’ve been putting off. 

As well as fixing that wobbly shelf, Brits can use this time to make small changes to their homes which can add thousands on to their asking price. 

So if you’re looking to move in the near future, experts have shared four quick jobs which will see real value added to the asking price. 

Kane Hughes, interior expert at PriceYourJob, told Fabulous Digital that small changes can equal a big price difference, and the kitchen is a key area to focus on. 

He said: “If you are planning to sell your home, then there is no better time than lockdown to make some changes and increase the value. 

"These do not have to be drastic updates, as you can start off small with the following quick and easy jobs.” 

There is no better time than lockdown to make some changes and increase the value

Painting your kitchen cupboards can be a quick way to give them a facelift, and costs the fraction of the amount of a new kitchen. 

You can paint in stages, tackling just a door at a time if you’re busy juggling work and family life. 

Kane said: “If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, you should opt for neutral paint shades which will cater to everyone’s tastes.”

He revealed a fresh-looking kitchen can increase your home’s price by asking much as six per cent, which works out to £14,351, based on the cost of the average UK home, which the Land Registry revealed is £239,196. 

Top jobs to add value over lockdown

  • Painting kitchen cupboards
  • Changing door handles
  • Create storage space
  • Upgrading light fixtures

And he added if you were doing it yourself, you should use “high-quality and durable paint”. 

As well as the colour, you can also refresh the cupboard handles to give the whole kitchen a new look – on the cheap. 

This is a fairly simple job which can take minutes to do, and you can spread out changing the handles over a few weeks. 

Kane said: “Another great way of updating your home value is by changing the door handles around the property. 

“This may only be a subtle change; however, it can make a massive difference to the home’s aesthetic, while also offering the advantage of a potential 5% increase on your property value.”

This would see an increase of £11,959, based on the average UK home. 

With space at a premium everywhere in the UK, one way to create the illusion of more without forking out for an extension is by adding storage. 

This would see a shopping 10 per cent – or £23,919 – added to your home’s asking price. 

Kan explained: “Having a significant amount of storage is a huge selling point and can actually add up to 10% added value, depending on how much storage you have. 

“A simple way to create storage solutions is by building bathroom shelves or even a pantry-style kitchen cupboard.”

Another simple way to revamp your home on a budget is by upgrading the light fixtures, and it pays off to go green.

Kane said: “To brighten up your home, you should look at upgrading the light fittings in your home. 

“You should also try to use energy-efficient lightbulbs which will make your home eco-friendlier and can also help to reduce energy bills.”

This would see a return investment of up to 12 per cent, or £28,703.

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