Styled by The Sopranos: an Ode to the Show's Fashion

Styled by The Sopranos: an Ode to the Show’s Fashion

Through the birth of the male antihero, complex character development, and social commentary on American culture, The Sopranos forever altered the course of television. But when it comes to fashion, The Sopranos probably isn’t the first series that comes to mind. With looks extending from Adriana’s signature animal-print outfits and Carmela’s pastel matching sets to Christopher’s stacked gold chains, it’s safe to say that the show is iconic — and so is its style.

Mob mentality and high fashion go hand-in-hand on The Sopranos. The characters are infatuated with designer labels and luxury goods: Adriana’s love language is diamonds, Tony’s go-to “I’m sorry” gift is Louis Vuitton, and we can’t forget Carmela’s iconic fur coat moment. Sure, some of the looks embody traditional Italian mobster stereotypes — think rhinestone-embellished french tips, silk button-downs, and velour tracksuits — deemed gaudy at the time of the show’s release. Now, the New Jersey-suburban wardrobe, circa early 2000s, is popping up on Fashion Week runways and the streetwear scene. It seems The Sopranos predicted today’s trends more than two decades ago.

Keep reading to see how the Sopranos cast is influencing current fashion. And don’t forget to watch one of TV’s greatest shows, available on HBO GO and HBO NOW.

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