Stacey Solomon inundated with messages from fans after explaining how she’s cutting her energy bill as prices soar today

SHE'S regularly on social media, sharing tips on how to save money by making things yourself rather than splashing out in the shops.

But Stacey Solomon found herself inundated with questions from fans on Thursday night, after explaining that she'd been in touch with her provider about potentially cutting the cost of her energy bills.

Over the top of a cleaning and washing montage on her Instagram Stories, Stacey wrote: "I know loads of peoples energy bills have gone up ridiculously.

"Mine has too and I was speaking to my provider and they said there are ‘peak hours’ when using electric so I’m trying to use the machines outside of those hours and hang dry when I can.

"I’ll let you all know if it makes a difference to the next bill."

After sharing that, Stacey was flooded with messages, and later returned to her stories for an update.

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"Oh my God, soooo many of you are asking me about ‘peak hours’ for utilities," she said.

"It’s so hard for so many people right now! I’m am no expert, I just asked my provider.

"I think it will depend on what tariff you’re on so speak to your provider and maybe it could make a difference."

She added that the lady she'd spoken to from her provider had told her that if she uses her utilities before 6am and after 6pm, then it will be cheaper.

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"She said as long as I never put a load on and leave it to go to bed (always make sure you’ve up until it finishes because it’s a fire risk) – then I should try to use the machines within the off peak hours and I should see a difference," she explained.

"But I’ll keep you posted."

Energy bills have gone up by a staggering 54%, meaning that an average household with a direct debit set up can expect to pay up to £1,971 per year.

Water bills have also gone up, by 1.7%, while council tax has increased by 3.5% from today, which has been dubbed 'bleak Friday' by many.

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