Sneaky women share the shocking reasons they pretended to be pregnant – including getting their boyfriend to propose – The Sun

OKAY we'll admit it – as horrible as morning sickness sounds, there does seem to be some serious perks to being pregnant… other than bringing new life into this world, obviously.

Along with priority seats on public transport, being pregnant also gives you an excuse to eat whatever you like, whenever you like. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

With this in mind, women have been sharing the shocking reasons they've LIED about being pregnant on anonymous confession app Whisper – and we don't know whether to laugh or cry.

One American bride-to-be proudly stated: "I faked a pregnancy test and lied about being pregnant to get him to propose."

All moral issues aside, the woman's plan (unsurprisingly) worked and she added: "We're engaged now."

And on the other end of the spectrum, another woman confessed to faking a pregnancy to get revenge on an ex.

She wrote: "I was hooking up with a douchebag and he ghosted me.

"For revenge, I faked a pregnancy because the guy was such a jerk. He gave me money for an abortion and I went shopping."

Similarly, a third confessed: "I pretended to be pregnant to get a free meal because I didn't want to break a $100 bill.

"I'm the worst."

Meanwhile, another sneaky woman admitted to faking a pregnancy to get away with using a bathroom in a "super fancy" restaurant which ordinarily wouldn't have let her in.

And while the majority of the Whisper confessions definitely occupy some sort of moral grey area, one woman added: "Today at the beach I pretended to be pregnant to avoid judgement over being fat."

Most shockingly of all, one mum revealed she quickly had to conceive a child after faking a pregnancy test so her boyfriend wouldn't leave her.

She wrote: "Today we're raising our 4 year old together, since I actually got pregnant after the lie. He still has no idea…"

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