Shoppers go wild for $8 tool which makes difficult dishes so much easier to clean

THOUSANDS of shoppers are endorsing a tool that cleans dishes, sinks, and countertops in seconds, preventing clogs and buildup for only $8.

The more than 4,500 reviews for the product on Amazon call it "simple but amazing," the "sponge saver," and "something you never knew you needed."

Though the OXO Good Grips Dish Squeegee costs only $8, many Amazon reviewers call it the best money they've ever spent and intend to buy the item again and again.

According to OXO, the flexible squeegee "efficiently clears leftover food from plates and bowls."

It has a soft-grip handle, for ease of use even when wet, and it can hang near the sink or stand up on the counter when not in use.

One reviewer said the tool rescued their garbage disposal from clogs and buildup and saved lots of paper towels along the way.


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"I try to be conscious about what I rinse down my sink (no oils/butter, etc.) so I usually use paper towels to wipe dishes and cutlery before washing in the sink," they wrote.

"This thing has been so great at replacing my 'paper towel' method."

They added that the tiny tool is so versatile they plan to use it around and outside the house.

"I'm going to order another one for my shower so I can wipe down the walls to prevent mildew," the reviewer wrote.

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Hundreds of reviewers came up with just as many innovative uses, from cleaning car mirrors to cleaning out waffle irons.

One reviewer said she loved using the squeegee in the kitchen, and also used it at her bathroom sink, to "squeegee the countertop when I've made too big of a mess getting ready!"

Several reviews mentioned that the scraper works well as a spatula for bowls, allowing bakers to get all of their batter or dough out of the mixer and into the pan.

"It's one of those things you don't realize you 'need' until you've used one," another reviewer agreed.

Even skeptics were converted by the tiny scraper's power and ease of use.

"This is one of those purchases my husband made fun of me for ordering," a buyer confessed.

"I hate washing off syrup or egg yolks and ruining my sponges with orange-colored sauces/oil.

"It makes it so I don't have to touch slimy things, saves me a ton of water, and saves my sponges from stains and tears," they continued.

A few reviews expressed dissatisfaction with the soft silicone of the scraper.

Because the flexible silicone bends easily, it's not a good way to remove sticky food that's been baked solid onto a dish or pan and left for days.

"I wish the silicone were a little more solid," one reviewer lamented.

"I end up scraping with the plastic edge when something is really stuck on my dishes."

Some reviewers also reported the silicone ripped or stained after heavy use, calling the structural integrity of the scraper into question.

But a far larger number of buyers plan to buy more sink squeegees, for themselves and as gifts.

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"This dish squeegee has brought joy to my life," a short review stated.

"Am I overselling the impact of this simple tool? I don't think so."

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