Savvy women are using patterned shower curtains to make gardens appear bigger and they look amazing

SICK of the sight of your garden in lockdown? Us too.

As the coronavirus crisis has played havoc on our summer holidays, savvy women have redecorated their outdoor spaces to make it appear as though they're in an exotic location – and all you need is a trusty shower curtain.

Earlier this month, one DIY fan kicked off the trend when she made her humble garden patio resemble a Spanish courtyard – and people were amazed by how realistic it looked.

The savvy gardener hung two shower curtains printed with an image of a quaint Spanish scene, which cost £10 each from Wish, on the walls in her back yard and displayed her terracotta potted plants in front.

Meanwhile, Christina Dorning took a similar approach with her quaint English Garden scene – which she bought from Garden Printed Panels.

The stunning scene – which made her Christina's garden appear double the size – is surrounded with blooming flower beds and the savvy garden even added a stepping stone leading up the fake path.

What's more, Deborah France incorporated her shower curtain into her garden by framing it with an arch and adding a peacock sculpture in front to create the illusion of a long and winding path.

Sharing a photo on Facebook, she gushed: "Just had to join the shower curtain brigade!"

Opting for a tropical scene, a fourth DIY fan added a shower curtain with waterfall illustrations to hang next to their hot tub.

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