Savvy woman shares the ‘genius’ way to dry clothes without using a tumble dryer – but it REALLY divides opinions | The Sun

A SAVVY woman has shared the £15 bargain buy from B&M which means she never has to use a tumble dryer or worry about the weather again when drying her clothes.

Toni Cowey explained that rather than spending a fortune drying her washing in a tumble dryer, she nabbed a greenhouse from B&M instead.

She revealed that she bought the ‘Grow House’ greenhouse for only £15 and plans on putting it outside and using it to get her clothes dry. 

The bargain hunter proudly took to Facebook recently to show off her cheap buy, but her post has really divided opinions. 

Posting in the social media group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, which has 2.2million members, the savvy shopper shared a picture of her cut-price item. 

She said: “Bought this plastic greenhouse from B&M for £15 (not £20 as stated on the box) to use as a clothes horse cover for outside. 

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“No more worrying about rain. 

“I thought it was a fab idea to save the tumble dryer and still get that outdoor freshness.”

Toni later added: “I'll update on how well it works once I've tried it. 

“I think if the door is open and it's just for drying 'smalls' or light quick dry tops it should be ok. 

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“It's in a sunny spot and sheltered from wind with the big wall around so hopefully it can't blow away.” 

Toni shared two pictures alongside her post – one of her new purchase, the heavy duty greenhouse and another of her greenhouse with her clothes dryer inside. 

Toni shared her post just 14 hours ago and it has quickly amassed 5,400 likes and 1,100 comments. 

But social media users were left with mixed thoughts at Toni’s idea – while some thought it was a “genius” thought, others were concerned about the smell the washing would have after being dried in the greenhouse. 

One person said: “Genius!!”

Another added: “What a brill idea!!”

A third commented: “What a clever idea!”

Whilst another chimed in: “Omg why didn't I think of that what a great idea.” 

At the same time, someone else asked: “Wouldn’t the condensation from warm plastic just make the clothes damp so never actually dry?”

Another chimed in: “I don’t understand how it will dry if air isn’t getting to it? Won’t it take ages to dry and make them smell funny?”

Meanwhile, one Facebook user stated: “It's a good idea if you have a dehumidifier. If not, the laundry will start smelling really bad.” 

At the same time, others revealed that they too have this greenhouse and shared their thoughts on Toni’s idea.

One explained: “I had this as a greenhouse, just be careful when it rains as the top fills with water.” 

Another claimed: “The rain pooled on top and bent the rods. Waste of time.”

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Whilst another posted: “The clothes smell damp, don't fully dry even after hours and hours, if you keep the door open rain gets in and so do the slugs and snails and the rain pools on the top so you need to keep pushing it off.” 

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