Queen Elizabeth II’s Oriental Circlet Tiara which she has worn once is worth £6million

Queen Elizabeth has ‘no intention’ of stepping down says expert

The Queen has a huge collection of jewellery and accessories with some stunning tiaras. One item that has been passed down the family is the Oriental Circlet tiara which the Queen debuted during a state visit to Malta in 2005. She has not publicly worn it since but it does have a hefty price tag.

The Oriental Circlet tiara was designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria in 1853.

Prince Albert was known to design much of Queen Victoria’s jewellery and the design was based on Moghul arches surrounding Lotus flowers.

The Prince was inspired by The East India Company’s display at The Great Exhibition of 1851, and chose the tiara based on the designs he had seen there.

It is often referred to as the Indian Ruby Tiara.

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The tiara was originally set with opals but these were soon swapped due to the stone being associated with unluckiness. 

Queen Alexandra switched the stones to Burmese rubies in 1901 who were given to her by Queen Victoria in 1873.

Despite the changes, the Queen was never photographed in the tiara, and in 1910, the piece went to her daughter in law, Queen Mary. 

Queen Mary wore the matching jewels, but like Queen Alexandra, was never pictured wearing the diadem. 

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It was then passed on to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother who received the piece on her coronation as Queen Consort of King George VI.

The stunning tiara was frequently worn by the Queen Mother who wore it on royal tours and to film premieres.

When King George VI passed in 1952, the tiara should have been passed on to Queen Elizabeth II as the new monarch but this wasn’t the case and the Queen Mother kept the jewels in her collection until she passed.

OnBuy.com recently revealed that the tiara could be worth a fortune.

Enlisting the help of Roseanna Croft Jewellery, they explained that the piece could be worth upwards of £6million.

They said: “Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been seen in many crowns. A particularly significant one is the Oriental Circlet Tiara, originally designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria.

“Her Majesty has only been seen wearing it once and the dazzling diadem could fetch upwards of £6million.”

The Queen wore the piece to a state visit in 2005 and it has not been seen publicly since. 

Another pricey piece within the Royal Family is Queen Mary’s fringe tiara.

OnBuy.Com said: “Originally gifted to Queen Mary by Queen Victoria, the fringe tiara has been passed down through several generations.

“It was her Majesty’s something borrowed on her wedding day and then gifted to Princess Beatrice for her wedding in 2020.”

According to the experts, it is estimated to be worth in excess of £5million.

The Queen occasionally wore the tiara at white-tie events and in portraits including New Zealand’s Diamond Jubilee portrait. 

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