Professional wedding planner reveals the small details brides ALWAYS forget & they're cheap too

PLANNING a wedding comes with a giant to-do list and there's probably a few things brides have accidentally forgotten about on their big day.

Just putting together a checklist can be stressful enough, but one professional wedding planner is making sure brides all over are nothing but prepared.

Ashley Skutka, who is the owner and lead planner of Hamilton Events in Carolina in the US, has been sharing her expertise over on social media and has revealed all the small things that brides are always forgetting.

Forget booking your wedding car and arranging your table seating, it's all the little – and cheap – extras like making sure you enough bobby pins to hand that you are more likely to let slip.

So brides take note, here's Ashley's all-important reminders she's shared on TikTok.

Make sure you have a pen

Those marriage licenses don't sign themselves, OK? Ashley says: "Make sure you have pen. Now stay with me, a nice pen… for two reasons.

"Number one, you want a nice pen that guests can use when they're signing your guest book. Number two, you also want a nice pen for when you are signing your marriage license because sometimes your photographers are taking pictures of that."

Nothing too fancy, though, Ashley reckons you can pick up said "nice pens" from your local supermarket that has a budget-price but still looks better than your typical biro.

Get your Maid of Honour up to speed

Neither you or your top bridesmaid want to be left embarrassed on the day, so it's important to make sure your Maid of Honour is well up to speed with her dress duties – as this can often be overlooked.

Ashley says: "There are two really important things your Maid of Honour needs to be taught how to do before your wedding day. First off, she needs to be comfortable with fluffing and bustling your dress. She needs to fluff out your dress before she goes down the aisle and she needs to be comfortable doing it during the ceremony when you turn to face your fiancé and then when you are leaving with your husband."

The wedding planner says the Maid of Honour also needs to know when to take your wedding bouquet from you and give it back within the ceremony.

Flowers are handed over before the vows and they're then handed back before you head back down the aisle.

Organise your bride must-haves

It's not just the dream dress and killer shoes to match that a bride needs on her wedding day. There's plenty of little things that she's going to need to hand, so it's important to make a checklist and stock up.

Bobby pins are a must – a girl can never have too many hair clips.

Extra hairspray is a must, as is deodorant and a mouthwash or mints to freshen up for that ceremony kiss.

It can be a long ride from getting ready in the morning to making it to the ceremony, plus nerves can sometimes leave brides feeling a little queasy. Ashley recommends the bride having a snack to hand and some water to keep her in check.

Tap up your florist for wholesale flowers

It can be easy to hand over all creative control to your florist when it comes to your flowers, but don't forget to ask about their wholesale prices too.

Sure bouquets and corsages can be hard to do yourself, but Ashley recommends enlisting about wholesale options as they can be cheaper and it's a lot easier to createtable decorations and venue flowers yourself.

"I love DIY as much as the next girl and there are some things that are worth hiring a vendor for, but what if I tell you, you can have the best of both worlds?" she reveals.

"Have the expertise, but save some money and do some yourself. When you're talking to your florist ask them about their wholesale prices. Have the florist do all the things you're uncomfortable doing DIY… order wholesale for the rest and you can do that on your own."

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