Professional cleaner reveals why you should NEVER use bleach in the bathroom & says washing up liquid is the top product

IT'S tempting to use bleach on all stubborn stains, particularly in your bathroom – but a professional cleaner claims it's doing more harm than good and that you should avoid it altogether.

Instead, the Australian cleaner from The Big Clean Co says washing up liquid is her product of choice, and it's what she'll use for most jobs around the home.

The professional cleaner regularly shares quick tips and hacks on TikTok and frequently warns against using bleach, particularly on bathroom tiles and silicone.

She explains that while bleach might be required on occasion, it's only a quick fix, and if it's used regularly on your tiles, grout and silicone, it will actually ruin them.

She shared a clip showing the long-term damage caused by overuse of bleach, explaining that it erodes the grout and creates tiny holes which can never be fixed.

The cleaning lady swears by washing up liquid and says it's the best thing to use on mirrors, shower screens and even our floor – but agrees you may need something a little stronger on stubborn mould.

In this instance, choose a hydrogen peroxide – which can be picked up in many pharmacies – and add it to some bicarbonate of soda to create a cleaning paste.

Or create a spray by adding water and spritzing the entire surface before scrubbing with a brush, which will remove all marks and stains.

Although hydrogen peroxide does have bleaching properties, it is entirely different and it doesn't contain chlorine – which is the toxic component of regular bleach.

She also shared a video explaining why washing up liquid is her go-to product and explained that it's the closest to PH neutral, just like water.

She said: "If you speak to a tile manufacturer you'll find that just about the only thing they'll ever approve of is water with it's neutral PH levels.

"The thing about dishwashing liquid is that – and this is why it's our go-to product – it's just about as close as you're going to get to a neutral PH."

In another video, the cleaning woman debunked a common shower cleaning hack which involves soaking kitchen roll in bleach and leaving it to sit on your silicone over night.

She said: "Soaking it overnight with bleach on paper towel. This will just destroy it more."

And writing in the comments she revealed that the silicone ends up becoming weak which allows more moisture to get in resulting in MORE mould.

As for the rest of the house, dishwashing liquid can be used for nearly all cleaning tasks.

The professional cleaner said it's the only thing she'll used on mirrors, windows, benchtops and floors – and can be easily mixed with water as a multi-purpose spray.

She adds it to a mop bucket with a little eucalyptus oil and hot water to get floors sparkling, and applies it straight to a microfibre cloth for shower screens and windows.

The only time she WILL use bleach is as a loo cleaner, but will always use a specific toilet cleaning product.

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