Poundland fan buys budget ‘snow blanket’ for Christmas… but it’s so titchy it’s basically for a doll

A WOMAN got scrooged this Christmas when she unwrapped her special snow blanket.

Poundland's Christmas decoration majorly disappointed her as she realised she had got something a little different to what she expected.

Zoe Smith shared her discovery on the Poundland Appreciation Society group on Facebook, to many sympathetic followers.

She wrote: "Poundland did me dirty again (Yes I know I should have looked at the size but I don’t have that logic in Poundland."

Alongside pictures which showed the packaging and what she got instead, or the expectation vs reality.


A commenter said the blanket, which measures 70 by 50cm was fit for a doll, or would make a perfect snow scene for a Barbie.

"It's elf sized though," one added, keeping on the festive theme.

"Ok for a hamster," another giggled.

Many encouraged her to pull it out or stretch it but she insisted that: "it just comes apart when you pull it."

Some found it useful for Gonks and said they had just bought a load to make gonks beards out of.

One said it could be a: "blanket for small Gonks."

Some had given up on Poundland for fake snow and found a large roll for £2.50 from Wilko instead.

A helpful poster told her that B&M do a roll of blanket snow for about £3 and showed off the snowy village she was able to create with hers.

Zoe eventually updated everyone that she had found plenty of snow in Hobby craft.

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